An english girl who after six months in the french mountains, has left for Italia, the beautiful country. My thoughts on leaving life as I know it and beyond! Join me as I embark on a life with lots of adventure and a lack of heels!!!!

Monday, 31 May 2010

I Heart Sex and the City 2!!!!!!!

          Was it worth the wait??  Well I personally think that from the moment that the opening bars of  "New York", it was fab, fab, fab!! I suppose I am a little biased, as I consider myself ever so slightly obsessed with Carrie and Co, but I agree with everyone who has come to the conclusion that if you are not a fan you will not like it, but if you loved the last film you will love this one.

            I think that these ladies looked fabulous with a capital F right from the off, each obviously has their own personal style and this time around they really packed a punch. Carrie is always right on the money and I am in love with everything Halston Heritage, from the moment she stepped out in her glamourous golden Louboutins it was just a glorious riot of swirling silks and teetering heels, oh how I loved her dinner with Aidan dress and that peach Halston she arrived in Abu Dhabi wearing was just divine!! (have tried to get it, sold out in uk as of last tues!!!), Samantha was rocking the Studio 54 meets glamazon look, she just looked incredible especially in the royal blue maxi and the red karaoke dress, Charlotte was stunning in vintage and was the ultimate yummy mummy, she looked amazing at the wedding in black and the blue jewelled evening dress for cocktails with Miranda was gorgeous!!  But I think the dark horse here was Miranda, from her molten mustard dress at the start to the Out of Africa white souk suit, I think she looked just fantastic in just about everything, I am now searching for a vintage palazzo pant jumpsuit!!

          From the beginning to the end it was just exactly how it should've been, from Standford's white wedding to Samantha's menopausal melt down to Charlottes taste of the terrible two's. Ok it's not really Oscar worthy, but when has it ever pretended to be? Liza Minelli ordained to marry Standford and Anthony? Dressed for cocktails flying high? And riding camels in the desert wearing Dior? I feel this film will be just like the last, we love it because it's given us our SATC fix, but then as any junkie knows the longer you go without the fix the more you want it!!

   I have spent the last 24hrs since watching it wanting to watch it again!!  Infact over the last month I have been rewatching the box set (up to series 3 at the mo!). And last night after getting home from the film, with hubby in a beer induced sleep (he spent time of film in pub!!), I discovered that SATC was actually on 3 channels, so seen as he was asleep and could'nt moan, I flicked between all 3 channels watching 3 different episodes for about an hour and a half!!! Do I have a problem?????

Saturday, 29 May 2010

The great british summer


Look at this lovely Vogue cover from 1945,
that lovely blue sky, today is not like that and it is the end of may! It's meant to be summer! I want to wear my new summer wardrobe! It is always grey in this country!!!

Lying, Robbing, Bastards!!


 Estate agents, friend or foe? In this particular case lying, robbing, bastards! Our house officially went on the market last weekend and I am already seething with agents,(who from here in will be referred to as 'the arseholes'!)! Not a good start one might think.

  Selling the house is a major element in my plans to run away to the alps later this year. I know it takes time, that there are always ups and downs and that estate agents really do lead you up the preverbial garden path but I am furious with them.

  As mentioned in a previous post this house has basically been rebuilt from the inside out by hubby and I, many many months of living in rubble, dust and general shit, but it's all been worth it to create, quote the arseholes, "Quite simply one of the best period terraced homes you are ever likely to see" .

  When chosing which agents to go up for sale with we decided on the arseholes because they spun us the best yarn, "this is the best house I've ever seen in this area", "we've got potential buyers in your price range that will end up fighting over this stunning house", " this will definately sell within the first couple of weeks, I guarantee". Lying, Robbing, Bastards!

   Nowadays estate agents really have to do even less for the extorbitant fees they charge, with the invention of the most marvellous world wide web they do fuck all quite frankly. Anyone thats ever looking for a house just clicks on to the web to surf through all thats on offer from the comfort of their own home, so all the arseholes have to do is take some pictures and put them on their website. Not bad work if you can get it, spout out some shit, send someone else round to take a few pictures, get the secretary to upload the pics, then hold out your hand for a few thousand pounds when someone else makes the decision by themselves to purchase said property!

   So we've established they only have to put pictures on a website to earn thousands of pounds, why the fuck can they not even manage that?????????????

  The arseholes have managed to put 4 pics of my lounge diner, only 1 of  my "incredible state of the art kitchen" and 1 of my garden, which of all the house I feel is the least appealing. There are none of the "stunning master bedroom with ensuite", none of  "two good sized further bedrooms", none of my "period style bathroom complete with roll top bath", in my own opinion these that have been left out are the some of the best selling features!!!!!!!

  As you can probably imagine by now I am not entirely sure the arseholes have been entirely honest about the service they provide or whether they can back up their promises? As you can also probably imagine I have had 2 rather angry phone calls with the arseholes and am completely pissed off with them, apparently they need to get permission to put more photos on and special consent from their superiors about putting photos of a bathroom on the details!!!!!!! What is that all about? It's a bathroom, not a pornographic image, every house bloody has one!!!!

  So now all I can do is wait, I have a feeling this is going to be an uphill battle!!

  Lying, Robbing, Bastards!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

I am getting Carried away!!

  Just a short time to go now til SATC 2!! Lil' sis and I are going next sunday afternoon and I for one cannot wait!! Obviously as THE film of the year approaches the press is full of SJP and co.  Even the Sunday
Times Travel mag had a little mention, but I got the impression whoever wrote the piece was clearly not a fan as the article started  "Manhattans most materialistic foursome are back", I thought that was a little off, I don't think it comes across like that at all!

  I read a rather interesting article in Grazia this afternoon about fans that own original pieces of clothing from the actual series and the last film, one woman actually bought the teeny weeny shorts that Carrie is wearing when Aidan proposes even though they were far too small for her, hmmm? I love SATC as you all know but if I bought something from the show I would bloody well wanna wear it!

  This obviously inspired me to have a little browse on ebay and there was one dress, authenticated with original set wardrobe label, but it was blimin awful, lilac satin, full length dress, probably worn by Miranda or Charlotte in a very early episode before the fashion frenzy created by the show meant they had to up the ante.

   I then had a little look a Patricia Field's website, which incedently ships world wide, and found these little lovelies,

                                                                Worn by Carrie

                                                         As seen on Samantha in the film
                                                   (whilst wearing Wendy Brandes earrings)


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Hello Shoe Lovers!

   Just a quickie to say a big thank you to looking fab in your forties for my 'hello lover' award. Don't know if i've mentioned it but I am a little bit of a shoeaholic!!!!

  My latest footwear purchase was the summer essential!  From Topshop the tan wooden clog. Great colour, great style and the perfect chunky wooden heel plus with a sling back so will hopefully stay on!!! Ooo I likey!!

  Now selling on ebay for £130.!! So glad I got them the day they came in, £80 in Topshop!

  My next dilema is gold gladiators with a little wedge? Having spent a considerable time in a rather large shopping center nearby yesterday (& most of the weekend online!!), the best gold glads I saw were these from New Look. They were the softest, best height, (really don't want slapping flat feet!) and so cheap at only £20, but will everyone have them? I do actually own a few lovely sandals from new look, and you would never guess. Last year I bought a black suede tassled, studded, mini cork wedge pair which everyone comments on, even the assistant in Sergio Rossi on Bond street to my delight!!!!
O decisions, decisions..................


Wednesday, 12 May 2010

H&M, Fashion With A Concience.

    The 20th of this month see's a fabulous new range from swedish fashion giants H&M (selected stores only), FAA (fashion against aids) is released for the 3rd year running and 25% of each sale goes to hiv/aids. Now if ever there were an excuse for a little shopping spree!!

    Check out this months Vogue supplement for inspiration! When I got mine in the post last week I was in love with everything!! The collection is a great mix for the summer wardrobe. And at such reasonable prices we can all indulge in a little charitable treat!!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

J'adore dior

   I am a HUGE sex and the city fan, I love Carries style, I love New York and I am counting down the days til the new film. I have always watched SATC right from the start, lil' sis and I watched the very first episode sitting on the end of her bed when we were youngsters and I have been ever so slightly obsessed ever since.

  I have the box set, I have the coffee table book, I have even done the SATC tour in New York and eaten cupcakes from the magnolia bakery, checked out the pleasure chest and the biggest joy, sat on Carries stoop outside the brownstone building they use for the show. Oh I just love it!

  The latest film has me in a new obsession, Carries J'adore Dior T shirt!!  I've been searching the web, bidding on vintage ones on ebay and then my good friend (looking fab in your forties) phoned Dior unbeknown to me to ask if they are re-issuing them! No is the answer.

  Ahh so sad, J'adore Dior!!!!!!

 P.S. check out Wendy Brandes blog, her gorgeous cleopatra earrings are worn by Samantha in the trailer and in the film!! How fabulous!!!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Birthday Girl Part 2.

   Well what a lovely time I had!! My hubby( K) really pulled it out of the bag this time!

   I must explain that I'm not great with suprises, I am the one who organises everything and plans our lives, not to say that K does'nt do anything but he generally needs a nudge in the right direction. (Don't they all!!)

   Well here goes, after trying to prise it out of him all week, unsucessfully I may add!! He still would not give anything away apart from it was somewhere in London and it was a meal of sorts! I was bugging him about outfits more than anything, but was still none the wiser! I must add at this point that K really does'nt give two hoots about clothes and me stressing about "what am I going to wear??". All that he advised was that I would probably want to wear something nice!!! Men!!

   Decided to go with a beige/black silk Reiss skirt, simple white vest, nude lace up sandals, cropped black leather jacket, gold statement necklace and gold Anya Hindmarch clutch, pleased with outfit choice but still had no idea where I was going apart from the tube station, Bond street!

   As we entered Grovesnor square I still had no idea, but there it was, Gordon Ramsay's Maze Not bad eh? The meal was incredible, the wine was amazing, the interior was gorgeous and the service was excellent.
There was nothing that I could fault about the evening, it was just lovely! We got a little peek inside of the kitchens which was remarkably calm and they even bought out a little birthday cake for me! Just what I needed after 5 luxuriously rich courses, but just lovely all the same.

 I was thoroughly spoilt all round and was given some lovely gifts, the highlight being The Sartorialist book from my lil' sis! So thank you to all for making my birthday a memorable one!