An english girl who after six months in the french mountains, has left for Italia, the beautiful country. My thoughts on leaving life as I know it and beyond! Join me as I embark on a life with lots of adventure and a lack of heels!!!!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Birthday Girl

I have just a few hours til I am definately in my thirties! Tomorrow I will 31. I dreaded turning 30, on my 21st birthday some kind sole sent me a card saying 'only 9 years til you're 30',  from 21 every year was a reminder that it was getting closer. This time last year I was not feeling nearly as bad as I had done in the years building up to it!

Hubby and I spent the weekend in Venice and it was wonderful, Venice was magical and this turning 30 business was just fine, infact it felt good. I realised that I was happy at 30 and felt that I no longer felt that yearning to be in your late teens/early 20's. I think that I accepted that getting older is a fact of life and there's nothing you can do about apart from embrace life and all that it throws at you.

To celebrate this annual occurance last night I cooked dinner for my 11 friends and a good time was had by all, thankfully I have'nt poisened anyone that I know of and the hangover was a mild morning only one, which is nice for a change!!!

Tomorrow I am being whisked off to London for the night by husband, all I know is that he has booked dinner somewhere fab, but he won't tell me where!!! So god knows what I'm going to wear??

To be continued................................

Street style london.

Loving this look from American Apparel, check out more pics at street style london. The model and myself share the same name but unfortunately she appears to have my share of long skinny legs!!!!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Catching up.

 Last weekend I had lovely friends J&G plus their darling little girl A to stay. We became friends when we were travelling way back when. It was my first day at work in Sydney (working for an awful, hand slapping, bell ringing sales company!! Do not ask!!) and it was J&G's 1st day too.

We hit it off immediately and have been friends ever since, I live in Kent and they live in Sussex, practically down the road but obviously we met thousands of miles from home on the other side of the world! Small world so they say!

The fist night husband and I spent with these two in Sydney it resulted in G fast asleep in the bar (whilst I myself so inebriated that I did'nt realise and was still talking to him!!), myself and J eating some guy's pizza that they had had ordered to the said bar and ended up with me being rather unwell on the journey home back across the Sydney Harbour Bridge!! Classy!!

Needless to say each time we've all got together it's not been much different to that first night in Sydney (well apart from the harbour bridge bit!!)  G has a habit of falling asleep regardless of where he is after one too many, which is rather amusing for us but not for his poor wife J!!  He's been asleep in resturants, bars and clubs, hillarious!! The incredible sleeping man! Just for the record he does not have narcolepsy!

It's always lovely to see them as no matter how long it's been it like we just saw them yesterday.  And I just know wherever we are or wherever we end up it'll always be the same.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

D I Why?

Why is it when it comes to our homes we seem to be able to turn a blind eye to all those little jobs that never got finished? That is until you think about potential new owners, complete strangers coming to look around the home that you have created.

This is why hubby and I have spent this weekend doing all those things that we'd both been ignoring. Weirdly I seem to have spent more time living in unfinished houses than finished ones!! Strange how we seem content living like this, actually content is the wrong word, I think you just get fed up doing all that diy so learn to ignore the fact these things still need doing! Every house that I have lived in though never seems to have been complete until I moved out.

So just a few bits left to be done over the next couple weeks then we are up for sale. I've had alot of people question my sanity about selling this house, as mentioned in a previous post, two years of blood, sweat and tears really have gone in to the makings of this particular home. But we never intended to stay here long term so it's no biggie.

Its actually very liberating to be selling up and getting rid of the ties and constraints of everyday life, the expectations of others and it'll be great to not have to keep bloody cleaning such a big house!!!!

So this is the next big step in our little adventure. Once we're up for sale its one step closer to the dream!!

Whilst in val d'isere the other weekend we did find our next place of residence. It has not been easy!! Many, many hours I have spent looking online at hovels for rent. Seasonaire accomodation is shocking, at what point in a persons mind do they think its perfectly acceptable to put bunk beds in the hallway of a 16m2 studio and a sofa bed in the lounge and advertise the perfect abode for 4/5 persons???? My kitchen is 19m2! I can't live in my kitchen!!

So after lots of searching I found the perfect place (well lots to buy when I win the lottery! £1 million for a 3 bed apartment??), just because I'm leaving behind real life I am not ready for roughing it!! This may be the only habitable, modern, clean apartment available for rent in the whole of the alps!! Can't wait!!!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Shoe Obsession!

What better way to get through a good friday hangover, by indulging in a little online window shopping. It's actually quite scary how much of my life I spend looking at shoes on the internet. I always feel like i'm on the look out for the perfect day time shoe, conveniently forgetting that I have many, many pairs already.

The perfect daytime shoe is so hard to find, got to be comfortable to walk and stand all day in, the correct heel height and shape but also must look fabulous.

Whilst surfing this afternoon I have found these beauties from M&S Limited Collection and New Look, all very affordable too, I'm meant to be saving remember...

Shoes glorious shoes!!!!!