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Friday, 29 October 2010

Officially unemployed!!

    Yesterday was my last day at work, it was a long busy day and now it is all over! 15 years of hairdressing done! It was a very strange day, just felt a bit weir, sad with lots of goodbyes of course, but I've been doing that for weeks now! People have been so very kind though, I've had some lovely cards and presents plus so many flowers my house looks like a florists!! I did'nt really say goodbye to my work girls as I'm going back to have my hair done just before I leave so we've put off the farewells til then, that will be sad.  
Click for larger view
I have beautiful blooms everywhere!

     So now I have two weeks to pack the house, move everything we are keeping out to my sis inlaws, who is very kindly storing the homeless items, and sort out everything else! Mr finishes work in two weeks time, no use him being off with me, whilst I pack, phone, email, sort, move he would be playing golf and watching TV!!! Better off out of my hair I think.

     I have list's coming out of my ears of all the people I need to contact, things I need to get, things that need to be done and everything regarding the house that needs to be cancelled! My sleeping pattern is a little off at the moment as you can imagine!!!  I'm just like Carrie in SATC when she keeps waking in the night but she was waking because nothing was wrong with Aidan, don't think my nocturnal awakenings are because my life is lacking in drama !!!!

You know I can't resist a little Sex and the City!!!

   But I now feel because work is now finished at least I can concentrate solely on what I need to do and I will actually make a start on what I can!

Enough of the stressfull stuff though, tomorrow night is party time again!! My dearest girl
friends are throwing me a farewell soiree. At first I was kept out of what was going on but then my bestest girl L decided it would be wise to let me in on it all. It's an 80's ski party!!! How hillarious this is going to be, the original plan was not to tell me and then dress me up when I got there, I cannot tell you how relieved I am to know!!!! It's frightening how I have managed to concoct an outfit from my wardrobe (plus a few little purchases) and lent some extra bits to my sis inlaw!!! That is bad eh? Not the first time I have lent friends my clothes for fancy dress either!!!!!!! When I put my outfit on last week, Mr 's reaction was a look of utter distaste and the words "you look terrible", mission accomplished me thinks!!!! So looking forward to it, I think it will be much fun!                        

Will we look this glam????



  1. Hope you enjoy the party, sounds like it will be loads of fun, and good luck with sorting everything out, I know exactly how much organising a big move to another country involves!

  2. Thanks Dash! Yes I am sure you know exactly what its like making this move! e xx

  3. Don't forget to post some pics from the party!

  4. Hope the party takes off some of the packing stress!


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