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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

J'adore dior

   I am a HUGE sex and the city fan, I love Carries style, I love New York and I am counting down the days til the new film. I have always watched SATC right from the start, lil' sis and I watched the very first episode sitting on the end of her bed when we were youngsters and I have been ever so slightly obsessed ever since.

  I have the box set, I have the coffee table book, I have even done the SATC tour in New York and eaten cupcakes from the magnolia bakery, checked out the pleasure chest and the biggest joy, sat on Carries stoop outside the brownstone building they use for the show. Oh I just love it!

  The latest film has me in a new obsession, Carries J'adore Dior T shirt!!  I've been searching the web, bidding on vintage ones on ebay and then my good friend (looking fab in your forties) phoned Dior unbeknown to me to ask if they are re-issuing them! No is the answer.

  Ahh so sad, J'adore Dior!!!!!!

 P.S. check out Wendy Brandes blog, her gorgeous cleopatra earrings are worn by Samantha in the trailer and in the film!! How fabulous!!!


  1. I hope you're entering the Polyvore contest to win a pair of earrings! Thanks for the mention.

  2. Can't wait til we go and see it!

  3. Email me at for the tshirt

  4. anna, I emailed you regarding the tshirt.

  5. this version of the tshirt on ebay is amazing! i just received mine. seller will custom cut the neck to be a perfect match OR you can buy it with collar in tact.

  6. Here's where I got my J'adore Dior 8 shirt and I love it~!

    Here's a link to the shirts for sale on ebay - sizes s, m, l, xl, and xxl

  7. Check out for some great looking jadore tees


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