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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Snow Style


Whilst spending last weekend in Val d'isere I got to thinking about resort style. Ski resorts are generally regarded as very casual, jumper, jeans and sensible footwear. Handbags are not really popular as skiwear has many pockets!!

But this is no ordinary ski resort. Moncler seemed to be the stylish europeans label of choice (of course), and I don't remember seeing Tods loafers and Hogan boots for sale amongst the regulars such as Roxy/Burton/North Face/Salomon ever before. I even spotted marc by marc jacobs handbags alongside a little bit of Prada. But the ever popular Louis Vuitton reighned supreme on the arms of the super groomed elite around the village, thus proving handbags are more popular than pockets in a ski jacket! My kind of place!


Moncler-Fendi collaboration, the ultimate arm candy for the slopes?

Whilst the euro babes strutted their chic, if not a little predictable, style, we have the polar opposite, the board babes. Decked out in boardwears finest apparel. Bright, bright colours,(almost but not quite) ridiculously baggy, shaggy bed head hair, slouchy, cool looking footwear and a knack of carrying off an oversized beret or beanie. Love the look but not sure its really me??

Hmmmm. I'm thinking cool boarder style slope side, chic fashionista by night!! I wonder......


  1. I saw some gorgeous 60s-ish Hogan boots on Yoox, v pricey tho! You can't give up your chicness. Can't you carry a pair of fab heels in your bag to change into when you get inside?!?

  2. And there was you thinking you wouldn't be buying much whilst out there! I can see a huge wardrobe budget ready for your arrival!


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