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Monday, 5 July 2010

Its all happening now!

         Well where to start! The last time I checked in on the blog front was just before my holiday to Istanbul, so I think that I'll start there. Was a great few days in an extraordinary city, big, busy, hot and rainy! Before I continue I should probably tell you that no matter where Mr & I go we always get some of the wet stuff. For example, Fiji- hardly ever rains- 2 days, Australia- Sydney had had a 5 month drought- we arrive, 2 days later 5 days of rain, Nullabor desert (western oz)- over a year no rain, we ride through on a train, it chucks it down! Magnetic island (advertised as "364 days of sunshine every year"), we were there 2 weeks- 4 days of rain! Get the picture? Anyway I've digressed, Istanbul is known as the city where east meets west and I don't think theres ever been a truer word said.
         The city is a melting pot of old meets new, the beautiful ancient mosques jostle with the neon strip lighting of convenience stores and hotels, the ladies covered in their burqua whilst strolling with their friend in her spray on skinnies and strapless top, the sight of spices, once bought for the sultans own kitchen, towering in the bazaars next to the crappy tourist gifts?

          It is a stunning place in many ways, but also it lends itself to a little sadness because of the sheer magnitude of derelict, run down buildings and constant tail to tail traffic. The mighty Bosphorous river carving its way between Asia and Europe, an impressive sight lined with ancient palaces but filled with rubbish? 
          I really enjoyed it though, despite its short comings it is an incredible place and something of an experience not be missed. I just hope the wonderful buildings that have lasted 1500 yrs or more are looked after a bit better for future generations to come and explore their history.
         If you ever get the chance go check it out,

       Right next, our house has sold, 3 weeks after it went on the market which is great, nothing to do with the agents I may add but do not get me started on that one!! The buyers are renting so we have no chain which means we should be moving august sometime, yay!! So that means that I have much packing and sorting and selling to do! I think that I am going to start at the top in the loft, which is probably the worst to be honest (how do we end up with so much stuff?), and then make my way down from there! As we will be going from a 3 bed house to a 1 bed rented apartment before we set off for France just about every bit of furniture and general household stuff is going to be needing new homes! I must add it's a very liberating feeling just shrugging off all these belongings, I recently read a very poignant remark from the great Karl Largerfield that went along the lines of it being more fun searching for things than actually owning them, food for thought I think.

      Next on my list, to find us a temporary home to tide us over til we head off to Val d'isere. The funny thing is it's actually been really easy securing a home in France for the winter, the deposit is paid and then we pay the rest of the rent upfront 5 weeks before we go. A nice way to do things, no outgoings (bills included), so just need to find enough hours of work to cover a little spending money whist giving us loads of time off to ski (snowboard for Mr), have a bit of time out and hopefully figure out where our path goes from there. Its a great feeling to know that there are no boundaries, no responsibilities, a life where you work to live not live to work, go where the wind blows and enjoy the break from conforming to the idea that life has to be about working in a job that you hate just to pay the mortgage of a house that you don't really want to live in just because thats what everyone else does and that is what is expected of you.

       I've spent the day today contacting many people regarding work and have had a great response in just a few hours of sending lots of emails and cv's out, so its looking really positve, I seems that (touch wood!) everything seems to be going in our favour, so surely that means its meant be eh?


  1. Great post Honey! Istanbul sounds amazing, so glad you enjoyed it. Time you did that clothes sale my dear, or how about a blog sale as I talked about them in a recent post, it takes time but at least you won't have to have everybody round and entertain them!

  2. Blog sale is a great idea. Am soo glad it's all coming together for you. xxx

  3. Ah thanks! Was thinking about your post on blog sales earlier on, I think I might give it a go as I have'nt got any free weekend to do it at home and ebay does my head in. Not sure what response I'd get though? e xx

  4. You're a busy bee! Gotta get to Istanbul one of these days.

  5. Wow you have been busy! Congrats on the house sale that was fast!
    I'm with Fab, thinking of doing a blog sale too, if you do decide to do one let me know and I will post it on my blog for you too x

  6. Oh thats great, thanks Pearl! You should definately do a blog sale, you have some great stuff and ebay is a headache eh? Ps.You got my vote on the cosmo blog awards, good luck.


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