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Monday, 31 May 2010

I Heart Sex and the City 2!!!!!!!

          Was it worth the wait??  Well I personally think that from the moment that the opening bars of  "New York", it was fab, fab, fab!! I suppose I am a little biased, as I consider myself ever so slightly obsessed with Carrie and Co, but I agree with everyone who has come to the conclusion that if you are not a fan you will not like it, but if you loved the last film you will love this one.

            I think that these ladies looked fabulous with a capital F right from the off, each obviously has their own personal style and this time around they really packed a punch. Carrie is always right on the money and I am in love with everything Halston Heritage, from the moment she stepped out in her glamourous golden Louboutins it was just a glorious riot of swirling silks and teetering heels, oh how I loved her dinner with Aidan dress and that peach Halston she arrived in Abu Dhabi wearing was just divine!! (have tried to get it, sold out in uk as of last tues!!!), Samantha was rocking the Studio 54 meets glamazon look, she just looked incredible especially in the royal blue maxi and the red karaoke dress, Charlotte was stunning in vintage and was the ultimate yummy mummy, she looked amazing at the wedding in black and the blue jewelled evening dress for cocktails with Miranda was gorgeous!!  But I think the dark horse here was Miranda, from her molten mustard dress at the start to the Out of Africa white souk suit, I think she looked just fantastic in just about everything, I am now searching for a vintage palazzo pant jumpsuit!!

          From the beginning to the end it was just exactly how it should've been, from Standford's white wedding to Samantha's menopausal melt down to Charlottes taste of the terrible two's. Ok it's not really Oscar worthy, but when has it ever pretended to be? Liza Minelli ordained to marry Standford and Anthony? Dressed for cocktails flying high? And riding camels in the desert wearing Dior? I feel this film will be just like the last, we love it because it's given us our SATC fix, but then as any junkie knows the longer you go without the fix the more you want it!!

   I have spent the last 24hrs since watching it wanting to watch it again!!  Infact over the last month I have been rewatching the box set (up to series 3 at the mo!). And last night after getting home from the film, with hubby in a beer induced sleep (he spent time of film in pub!!), I discovered that SATC was actually on 3 channels, so seen as he was asleep and could'nt moan, I flicked between all 3 channels watching 3 different episodes for about an hour and a half!!! Do I have a problem?????


  1. If you have a problem darling, so do I! ha ha

  2. Me too! I watched every episode religiously. Luckily my boyfriend loves it. I bought the box set on Dvd having previously had it on video (that sounds so dated now!) and am planning to watch it again from the beginning. Luckily my short term memory is so bad now I feel like I'm watching it for the first time again which is quite marvellous! Hope you're well, are you still in France? xx

  3. Hi, I also had videos back in the day!! how old are we? We actually move to france in november, on the count down now!! e xx

  4. I love this: "Ok it's not really Oscar worthy, but when has it ever pretended to be? Liza Minelli ordained to marry Standford and Anthony? Dressed for cocktails flying high? And riding camels in the desert wearing Dior? "

    Great examples...and so true, people have to just take it for what it is.

  5. Thank you! It was made for us fans, not the film critics! I soo wanna watch it again!!! Will they send you an advanced copy of the dvd as you were a wardrobe contributor? e xx

  6. Haven't seen it yet but I loved the first one!
    Glad you enjoyed it!



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