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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Lying, Robbing, Bastards!!


 Estate agents, friend or foe? In this particular case lying, robbing, bastards! Our house officially went on the market last weekend and I am already seething with agents,(who from here in will be referred to as 'the arseholes'!)! Not a good start one might think.

  Selling the house is a major element in my plans to run away to the alps later this year. I know it takes time, that there are always ups and downs and that estate agents really do lead you up the preverbial garden path but I am furious with them.

  As mentioned in a previous post this house has basically been rebuilt from the inside out by hubby and I, many many months of living in rubble, dust and general shit, but it's all been worth it to create, quote the arseholes, "Quite simply one of the best period terraced homes you are ever likely to see" .

  When chosing which agents to go up for sale with we decided on the arseholes because they spun us the best yarn, "this is the best house I've ever seen in this area", "we've got potential buyers in your price range that will end up fighting over this stunning house", " this will definately sell within the first couple of weeks, I guarantee". Lying, Robbing, Bastards!

   Nowadays estate agents really have to do even less for the extorbitant fees they charge, with the invention of the most marvellous world wide web they do fuck all quite frankly. Anyone thats ever looking for a house just clicks on to the web to surf through all thats on offer from the comfort of their own home, so all the arseholes have to do is take some pictures and put them on their website. Not bad work if you can get it, spout out some shit, send someone else round to take a few pictures, get the secretary to upload the pics, then hold out your hand for a few thousand pounds when someone else makes the decision by themselves to purchase said property!

   So we've established they only have to put pictures on a website to earn thousands of pounds, why the fuck can they not even manage that?????????????

  The arseholes have managed to put 4 pics of my lounge diner, only 1 of  my "incredible state of the art kitchen" and 1 of my garden, which of all the house I feel is the least appealing. There are none of the "stunning master bedroom with ensuite", none of  "two good sized further bedrooms", none of my "period style bathroom complete with roll top bath", in my own opinion these that have been left out are the some of the best selling features!!!!!!!

  As you can probably imagine by now I am not entirely sure the arseholes have been entirely honest about the service they provide or whether they can back up their promises? As you can also probably imagine I have had 2 rather angry phone calls with the arseholes and am completely pissed off with them, apparently they need to get permission to put more photos on and special consent from their superiors about putting photos of a bathroom on the details!!!!!!! What is that all about? It's a bathroom, not a pornographic image, every house bloody has one!!!!

  So now all I can do is wait, I have a feeling this is going to be an uphill battle!!

  Lying, Robbing, Bastards!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I take it you rang them then! What complete tossers! Just go in there and demand to speak to the manager, tell him you are in no hurry to sell as you are not going away till October therefore you will ride out your 12 week contract with them but won't let anybody view it till that time has lapsed and then go up with another agent - that should do it!

  2. Good idea!! They are such shits! e xx

  3. My husband's an estate agent, and I can assure you that estate agents do not do "fuck all" and sit back and rake in the money. If that's what you really think, why on earth are you using one at all? If as you say, all they do is put a few photos on the web, why don't you do it yourself? And save yourself the "exorbitant" fee. Incidentally, percentages charged by estate agents in the UK are hugely lower than in most of the rest of Europe - in France for example you can expect to pay between 5 and 10%.

  4. I don't want to get in argument with you. This is just my feelings on my personal experience so far. I am yet to be assured otherwise by my own agent.

  5. This sucks, hopefully they will pull their finger out and you will get the service you have paid for.

  6. If you're not looking to get into an argument, I suggest you keep your comments specific to your own estate agent, rather than the non-specific and frankly offensive generalisations you've made in this post.

  7. my next door told his sister my house was for sale she went to the agent got a viewing then and only then i found out who it was ,anyway the sale fell though and after nearly a year next door sister can buy and im not with an agent BUT THE FUCKING WANKERS WANT FEES from me coz they introduced her BLOOD suckers no wonder they have a bad rep they dont do themselves any favours in that sence at least dick terpin wore a mask


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