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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Birthday Girl Part 2.

   Well what a lovely time I had!! My hubby( K) really pulled it out of the bag this time!

   I must explain that I'm not great with suprises, I am the one who organises everything and plans our lives, not to say that K does'nt do anything but he generally needs a nudge in the right direction. (Don't they all!!)

   Well here goes, after trying to prise it out of him all week, unsucessfully I may add!! He still would not give anything away apart from it was somewhere in London and it was a meal of sorts! I was bugging him about outfits more than anything, but was still none the wiser! I must add at this point that K really does'nt give two hoots about clothes and me stressing about "what am I going to wear??". All that he advised was that I would probably want to wear something nice!!! Men!!

   Decided to go with a beige/black silk Reiss skirt, simple white vest, nude lace up sandals, cropped black leather jacket, gold statement necklace and gold Anya Hindmarch clutch, pleased with outfit choice but still had no idea where I was going apart from the tube station, Bond street!

   As we entered Grovesnor square I still had no idea, but there it was, Gordon Ramsay's Maze Not bad eh? The meal was incredible, the wine was amazing, the interior was gorgeous and the service was excellent.
There was nothing that I could fault about the evening, it was just lovely! We got a little peek inside of the kitchens which was remarkably calm and they even bought out a little birthday cake for me! Just what I needed after 5 luxuriously rich courses, but just lovely all the same.

 I was thoroughly spoilt all round and was given some lovely gifts, the highlight being The Sartorialist book from my lil' sis! So thank you to all for making my birthday a memorable one!


  1. Can't believe you didn't get it out of him! Sounded like a fab night, you need to take an outfit post pic next time! xxx

  2. Hey fellow Taurean, so glad you had a great evening in this glam place. Good old hubby x
    PS. Thanks for your sweet comment


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