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Friday, 12 November 2010


             Yesterday I went to have my hair coloured for the last time (well professionally anyway, it will be Mr's job next time!!). I woke up feeling very weird, I had had a lovely evening having dinner the night before with some very special girl friends and it made me think of all the times I could'nt do things like that as I always worked so late, made me feel very sad that I had'nt had the chance to do it more often.

            So I think thats the reason along with the fact that I was saying the final farewell to my work girls was why I was feeling a bit blue. The house sale is dragging and stressing me out. I've been spending alot of time on my own packing our life into boxes and bags and I think the nerves are staring to kick in. I don't like the idea of saying goodbyes next week, the thought of it is making me sad.

            The lovely ladies from work bought me beautiful silver bangle engraved with a lovely message inside and I thought I'd been doing well, but their kind words in the card and the gift tipped me over the edge. It was only a matter of time of course before the tears started to flow.

            This saturday night is the final farewell to all our friends, then monday night will be the last supper with the family. Better get some waterproof mascara at the ready.

                                                        Sad girl


  1. HI Em

    Just to let you know that i'm sat here crying just reading your message. I know exactly how you feel and everything you are going through and am always on the end of skype. Theres no denying that this weekend will be fabulous spending time with the nearest and dearest but hard all at the same time. The inevitability of the goodbyes will hang over you. Cherish every minute though as on the tough days you can think of the time spent and remember how the hugs felt and how much you laughed and enjoyed yourself.

    You and Mr are going to have a fabulous time on your adventure and we will speak to you as soon as you get sorted. Lots and lots of love and hugs for this weekend.

    Family Kav xxxxxx

  2. hey sorry we haven't managed to catch up Em,life's been a bit busy this year for me,& of course work/tillyskye.Sending all the love in the world,yes this is a sad time for all ,but your not a million miles away & we can all come over to stay.So i hope your place is BIG enough!hahaha.Have a wonderful life,you & Kev.We'll be thinking of you.BIG HUG'S & BIG KISSES being sent your way.xxxxxxxxx Love Emma,matt & tillyskye.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hi Emily just a quick note to say goodbye and good luck. Look forward to reading your blog to see what fun your having in your new stress free life. I will have to keep mum posted too as she hasnt joined the world of computers yet!!! Take care Jo and linda xx

  4. Sorry you're feeling blue. I'm sure once you're there and settled you be fine. Try to smile xx


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