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Monday, 25 October 2010

Cocktail Hour.

    Well this saturday night just gone was the first of a few leaving do's, my work one. A cocktail party at mine was the order of the evening and a great evening it turned out to be. All my work girlies (minus a couple that unfortunately were out of the country) and a handful of friends plus a gallon or 10 of alcohol made a fun night for all.

The party always ends up the kitchen!

Me (far left) and my girls!

Sensible, sober ladies!

Mrs Fab (centre) and work girls.

Looking good despite the copious amounts of cocktails!

Oh to be young!!!

The lovely Samantha before the windmill!
        The whole evening I must say turned out to be a civilised, albeit a drunken, affair, bar one of my apprentices becoming a little green and making an early exit. It was nice to get all dressed up , the LBD seemed to be a popular choice and everyone looked great. Everyone was having fun and my poor neighbours must've thought there were a pack of screaming hiyenas taking over the house! It was just lovely to spend the evening with all the girls having a good old chat fuelled by some rather ridiculously strong cocktails, funny how the drunkest people are the ones who end up in charge of the drink mixing! I don't have to tell you how that turned out!

        As ever when there is too much alcohol there are always one or two things not to be repeated, all I am going to say is windmill and large breasts!! If you don't know what it is I am sure you will find out somehow but I shan't be the one to say!!!

        The boys gatecrashed our fun and frollicks at 1 am, luckily that was after the windmill, although had they had known I don't think they would've gone out at all! I thought we were drunk until they came stumbling into the house, will they ever learn??? ( Although I am in no position to judge!!!) I think they have realised that they are getting too old for night on the town where we live, coming in moaning about loud music!!!

         I finally got to bed about 3.45am after the clearing up and was pleasantly suprised to wake up minus a hangover, the same could not be said for Mr!!!!

         Hope you had a good weekend too.


  1. Ahhh lovely photos of us all. It was a truly fab night I enjoyed it loads but had to exit before the windmill so totally missed that one but am soooo going to miss your party house and delectable hors d'oeuvres! K xxxxx

  2. i had a hangover for 2 days......can just about remember the "windmill" !!!!!! gr8 night.

  3. K- shame you missed the windmill! So glad you enjoyed it. e xx
    Helen- Can't believe you were hungover for 2 days!!!! e xxxx

  4. Dear E, lovely pictures. Everyone looks really happy. The windmill sounds hilarious and I'm glad you didn't have a hangover xx

  5. You all look lovely, glad you had a great time!

  6. Finally a pic of Mrs Fab! Looked like a very fun eve, I bet the windmill takes some practice.... B x

  7. Looks like a great party! If ever there was a reason not to have children, that's it! I haven't had a crazy house party in several years. Not that I would change my little one for anything but, like you, I'm not terribly maternal (she was a 'happy accident'-we add the 'happy' for her benefit ;) ) so having a child took a bit of getting used to. xx


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