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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Hello Shoe Lovers!

   Just a quickie to say a big thank you to looking fab in your forties for my 'hello lover' award. Don't know if i've mentioned it but I am a little bit of a shoeaholic!!!!

  My latest footwear purchase was the summer essential!  From Topshop the tan wooden clog. Great colour, great style and the perfect chunky wooden heel plus with a sling back so will hopefully stay on!!! Ooo I likey!!

  Now selling on ebay for £130.!! So glad I got them the day they came in, £80 in Topshop!

  My next dilema is gold gladiators with a little wedge? Having spent a considerable time in a rather large shopping center nearby yesterday (& most of the weekend online!!), the best gold glads I saw were these from New Look. They were the softest, best height, (really don't want slapping flat feet!) and so cheap at only £20, but will everyone have them? I do actually own a few lovely sandals from new look, and you would never guess. Last year I bought a black suede tassled, studded, mini cork wedge pair which everyone comments on, even the assistant in Sergio Rossi on Bond street to my delight!!!!
O decisions, decisions..................


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