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Sunday, 23 May 2010

I am getting Carried away!!

  Just a short time to go now til SATC 2!! Lil' sis and I are going next sunday afternoon and I for one cannot wait!! Obviously as THE film of the year approaches the press is full of SJP and co.  Even the Sunday
Times Travel mag had a little mention, but I got the impression whoever wrote the piece was clearly not a fan as the article started  "Manhattans most materialistic foursome are back", I thought that was a little off, I don't think it comes across like that at all!

  I read a rather interesting article in Grazia this afternoon about fans that own original pieces of clothing from the actual series and the last film, one woman actually bought the teeny weeny shorts that Carrie is wearing when Aidan proposes even though they were far too small for her, hmmm? I love SATC as you all know but if I bought something from the show I would bloody well wanna wear it!

  This obviously inspired me to have a little browse on ebay and there was one dress, authenticated with original set wardrobe label, but it was blimin awful, lilac satin, full length dress, probably worn by Miranda or Charlotte in a very early episode before the fashion frenzy created by the show meant they had to up the ante.

   I then had a little look a Patricia Field's website, which incedently ships world wide, and found these little lovelies,

                                                                Worn by Carrie

                                                         As seen on Samantha in the film
                                                   (whilst wearing Wendy Brandes earrings)



  1. 8pm Friday night at the cinema in your neck of the woods (bluewater fully booked) me and chloe, I had to pay for her as a trade off for her driving!

  2. I'm dying to see it. I want those gold glasses in the middle. I'm going to look on the website now. Also love the gold Ray Ban's that Mrs Fab posted a while back... Which ones to choose? xx

  3. Oh I can't wait too, four of us are going on Friday and going for cocktails first! I will be wearing a top and shrug that were from Carrie's wardrobe!!! Just like the Grazia girls, I scored it on ebay and luckily it is a loose style so fits (no way I am a size 2. I have the little authenticity certificate on dispay! I will be sure to post it up on my blog x

  4. Why did I just see this? Love the blue!


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