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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Shoe Obsession!

What better way to get through a good friday hangover, by indulging in a little online window shopping. It's actually quite scary how much of my life I spend looking at shoes on the internet. I always feel like i'm on the look out for the perfect day time shoe, conveniently forgetting that I have many, many pairs already.

The perfect daytime shoe is so hard to find, got to be comfortable to walk and stand all day in, the correct heel height and shape but also must look fabulous.

Whilst surfing this afternoon I have found these beauties from M&S Limited Collection and New Look, all very affordable too, I'm meant to be saving remember...

Shoes glorious shoes!!!!!


  1. Love the first pair, where are they from?

  2. The 1st two are New Look, the next 3 are M&S. e xxx

  3. Last pair are yum. I do love me some platforms! btw I've tagged you for an award, check out my blog if you want to do it!

  4. I really like that last pair.


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