An english girl who after six months in the french mountains, has left for Italia, the beautiful country. My thoughts on leaving life as I know it and beyond! Join me as I embark on a life with lots of adventure and a lack of heels!!!!

Friday, 29 October 2010

Officially unemployed!!

    Yesterday was my last day at work, it was a long busy day and now it is all over! 15 years of hairdressing done! It was a very strange day, just felt a bit weir, sad with lots of goodbyes of course, but I've been doing that for weeks now! People have been so very kind though, I've had some lovely cards and presents plus so many flowers my house looks like a florists!! I did'nt really say goodbye to my work girls as I'm going back to have my hair done just before I leave so we've put off the farewells til then, that will be sad.  
Click for larger view
I have beautiful blooms everywhere!

     So now I have two weeks to pack the house, move everything we are keeping out to my sis inlaws, who is very kindly storing the homeless items, and sort out everything else! Mr finishes work in two weeks time, no use him being off with me, whilst I pack, phone, email, sort, move he would be playing golf and watching TV!!! Better off out of my hair I think.

     I have list's coming out of my ears of all the people I need to contact, things I need to get, things that need to be done and everything regarding the house that needs to be cancelled! My sleeping pattern is a little off at the moment as you can imagine!!!  I'm just like Carrie in SATC when she keeps waking in the night but she was waking because nothing was wrong with Aidan, don't think my nocturnal awakenings are because my life is lacking in drama !!!!

You know I can't resist a little Sex and the City!!!

   But I now feel because work is now finished at least I can concentrate solely on what I need to do and I will actually make a start on what I can!

Enough of the stressfull stuff though, tomorrow night is party time again!! My dearest girl
friends are throwing me a farewell soiree. At first I was kept out of what was going on but then my bestest girl L decided it would be wise to let me in on it all. It's an 80's ski party!!! How hillarious this is going to be, the original plan was not to tell me and then dress me up when I got there, I cannot tell you how relieved I am to know!!!! It's frightening how I have managed to concoct an outfit from my wardrobe (plus a few little purchases) and lent some extra bits to my sis inlaw!!! That is bad eh? Not the first time I have lent friends my clothes for fancy dress either!!!!!!! When I put my outfit on last week, Mr 's reaction was a look of utter distaste and the words "you look terrible", mission accomplished me thinks!!!! So looking forward to it, I think it will be much fun!                        

Will we look this glam????


Monday, 25 October 2010

Cocktail Hour.

    Well this saturday night just gone was the first of a few leaving do's, my work one. A cocktail party at mine was the order of the evening and a great evening it turned out to be. All my work girlies (minus a couple that unfortunately were out of the country) and a handful of friends plus a gallon or 10 of alcohol made a fun night for all.

The party always ends up the kitchen!

Me (far left) and my girls!

Sensible, sober ladies!

Mrs Fab (centre) and work girls.

Looking good despite the copious amounts of cocktails!

Oh to be young!!!

The lovely Samantha before the windmill!
        The whole evening I must say turned out to be a civilised, albeit a drunken, affair, bar one of my apprentices becoming a little green and making an early exit. It was nice to get all dressed up , the LBD seemed to be a popular choice and everyone looked great. Everyone was having fun and my poor neighbours must've thought there were a pack of screaming hiyenas taking over the house! It was just lovely to spend the evening with all the girls having a good old chat fuelled by some rather ridiculously strong cocktails, funny how the drunkest people are the ones who end up in charge of the drink mixing! I don't have to tell you how that turned out!

        As ever when there is too much alcohol there are always one or two things not to be repeated, all I am going to say is windmill and large breasts!! If you don't know what it is I am sure you will find out somehow but I shan't be the one to say!!!

        The boys gatecrashed our fun and frollicks at 1 am, luckily that was after the windmill, although had they had known I don't think they would've gone out at all! I thought we were drunk until they came stumbling into the house, will they ever learn??? ( Although I am in no position to judge!!!) I think they have realised that they are getting too old for night on the town where we live, coming in moaning about loud music!!!

         I finally got to bed about 3.45am after the clearing up and was pleasantly suprised to wake up minus a hangover, the same could not be said for Mr!!!!

         Hope you had a good weekend too.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

The search for a SENSIBLE winter coat!!

   Right, if you are familiar with my blog, you will also be familiar with the fact that I do not always buy the most sensible option when I am meant to be making a practical purchase! You may aslo be familiar with the fact that I rather like Zara, and so the story begins again..................

   I am moving to the French Alps in 3 weeks, I will be living in a winter wonderland all shiny and snow covered (and freezing cold and icey, but hey), so I have been on the search for a practical, warm but stylish coat. I intend to bring a little glamour and style to ski resort wear, No fleeces, No ugly footwear and No 'comedy' headwear, No unisex outerwear!!!!
Casual but cool.

   So today I bought a lovely double breasted camel swing coat from Zara, I must add at this point egged on by Mr (shocking!!! He practically breaks out in hives at the thought of shopping, but he was so hungover I think he was still drunk!!!). I had tried on the down filled padded, black, hooded coat about 10 times but I dunno it just is'nt me. Bit like with the boot buying expedition (see a couple of posts back), before I knew it the camel coat was on with thoughts of gorgeous layers of scarves and hats and long leather gloves. The padded coat hanging there looking like the ugly duckling, no amount of sequin beret's, cashmere scarves and butter soft leather gloves are going to turn this poor little coat into a beautiful swan.  

D&G gets snow style right.
    Also in the defence of the camel swing coat, roomy sleeves and swinging style means more room for layers and lovely knitwear underneath! The padded coat just did'nt have a chance, plus I did neglect to mention that I actually do already have a slightly padded, khaki, hooded parka already hanging in my wardrobe that I bought a few years back for a skiing trip! Whoops!!!!!!!!!

Warm and stylish
Lovely layers and not a padded coat in sight!
    Have you treated yourself to a new winter coat?

Friday, 22 October 2010

Nearly there.

      Apologies for the lack of blogging once again, I haven't had a chance to catch up on anyone elses blogs either so am feeling right out of the loop!!! I have been run off my feet, crazy busy at work, with just one more week left its been incredibly busy and that equals stupidly late nights and early starts!!! To top it all off I am throwing a cocktail party for my work leaving do this saturday, so I have quite alot to do! Couple that with the house sale, the constant chasing of solicitors is just so time consuming and frustrating!!!! But at least the sale is going smoothly and we are on schedule to complete as we leave around mid november! Luckily the buyers are actually having the majority of my furniture too so thats one more thing sorted. My list of 'things to do' seems to be growing though!

      I am off to London today for the Ski & Snowboard Show at Olympia so that should whet the appetite some what!! Thats just going to make it all feel a little more real I think and make it even more exciting!!! The trouble with seeing all the new ski clothing though is that I am going to want all new things, it happens everytime that I go!! Must be good!!!! Going to go a little early though so I can have a quick nose around Kensington High St, would be rude not too, also I actually do still need a new coat so there I have a valid reason!

      Will be posting all about the party after the weekend, I am sure there may be a drunken story or two to tell!!!  Think we'll have some outfit posts too!!

      Hope you all have a good weekend,
      e xxx

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

So much to do and practical boots, aghh.........

        Things have been a little busy of late, so between that and the fact that my internet connection has not been working properly means I haven't had a chance to blog. With only 2 more weeks of work to go things are obviously a little crazy there and now with only 4 weeks til we leave for France weekends are flat out too catching up with friends and family, seeing as much as we can of everyone. Oh and there's all the little things like packing the house, getting all the final paperwork things in order, chasing solicitors, getting all our affairs in order, sorting out international banking, etc etc etc.......................
You get the idea!

I am trying to keep calm doing lots of yoga, not juggling my own babies but trying to make the most of the little ones surrounding me whilst they are still little!

Amongst all of this obviously the auntumn winter finery has been hitting the shops and well you know I'm gonna need some new bits for the next few months ahead, it's gonna be cold, so new jumpers, cardi's, boots, coats. I have been good, recycling I like to call it, it's name is ebay. Out with old and in with the new, I am only spending what I have earnt (on ebay!!!) so thats not really spending is it???

Too many boots? What moi????

  So the essential item for any budding seasonarire is a pair of good, solid, sensible boots, snow proof, steady on the ice, warm and cosy. I should probably point out at this point sensible footwear does'nt really exist in my volcabulary, in 10 years of going skiing, spending at least a week a year in snow drenched mountain villages with virtually solid ice under foot I must admit I haven't ever bought a proper pair of snow boots or taken any appropriate footwear with me. I have a snug (but ugly) pair of classic Uggs and last year bought a pair of ankle biker boots which have a slight grip (that is useless!!!) but they are more for style than practicalities. I have skidded all over the Alps, Canada and Pyreneese in kitten heeled ankle boots, platform knee highs, four inch heeled pirate boots, suede thigh highs and slipped around in a pair (incredibly uncomfortable) Converse hi tops!!! So I was thinking it may be time to try out these sensible, flat, grippy  
boots that everyone else seems to be happily stomping around in seen as I'm gonna be there for six months of slipperiness!

Ahh Louboutins!!!

Choo's anyone?

   So off to the shops I trot after trawling the wonderful world of online shopping, but after much looking, trying on and pondering, I decide (once again!) I'm just not that sort of gal! Bugger it, it is just not me to clomp around in what can only be described as boot carnage! Everytime I was looking at sensible (ugly) boots, I was like a moth to a flame and the next thing I knew I was standing there with high heeled beauties actually on my feet with the ugly flatties sitting on the shelf looking down disaprovingly at me.

You don't really need me to tell you how this little tale ends, but just for the record I'd better had.
  •  Pair 1- Brown leather lace up high heeled hiker, great grip with chunky 3 inch heel. ( I can walk in the snow in these I am sure!)
  • Pair 2- Classic black knee high with 3 inch heel. Legs stay dry!( for not so icey days!) 
  • Pair 3- Brown beaten leather pull on western style knee highs, chunky wooden 3 inch heel perfect for snow. (Hmmm, nice and casual though!) 
  • Pair 4- Black leather ankle wedge boot. ( come on they are practically flat!!!!)
      Did I say I went looking for 1 pair of sensible snow boots???