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Sunday, 24 October 2010

The search for a SENSIBLE winter coat!!

   Right, if you are familiar with my blog, you will also be familiar with the fact that I do not always buy the most sensible option when I am meant to be making a practical purchase! You may aslo be familiar with the fact that I rather like Zara, and so the story begins again..................

   I am moving to the French Alps in 3 weeks, I will be living in a winter wonderland all shiny and snow covered (and freezing cold and icey, but hey), so I have been on the search for a practical, warm but stylish coat. I intend to bring a little glamour and style to ski resort wear, No fleeces, No ugly footwear and No 'comedy' headwear, No unisex outerwear!!!!
Casual but cool.

   So today I bought a lovely double breasted camel swing coat from Zara, I must add at this point egged on by Mr (shocking!!! He practically breaks out in hives at the thought of shopping, but he was so hungover I think he was still drunk!!!). I had tried on the down filled padded, black, hooded coat about 10 times but I dunno it just is'nt me. Bit like with the boot buying expedition (see a couple of posts back), before I knew it the camel coat was on with thoughts of gorgeous layers of scarves and hats and long leather gloves. The padded coat hanging there looking like the ugly duckling, no amount of sequin beret's, cashmere scarves and butter soft leather gloves are going to turn this poor little coat into a beautiful swan.  

D&G gets snow style right.
    Also in the defence of the camel swing coat, roomy sleeves and swinging style means more room for layers and lovely knitwear underneath! The padded coat just did'nt have a chance, plus I did neglect to mention that I actually do already have a slightly padded, khaki, hooded parka already hanging in my wardrobe that I bought a few years back for a skiing trip! Whoops!!!!!!!!!

Warm and stylish
Lovely layers and not a padded coat in sight!
    Have you treated yourself to a new winter coat?


  1. Not yet, I totally need one tho. Must have a little bit of fur on it too! x

  2. I bought a new one in the sale but took it back because I felt guilty. So i fished out an old one (which I love but haven't worn for years because it's pink and got rather grubby) gave it a go in the machine with some Ariel stain remover powder and it came up good as new!


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