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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

So much to do and practical boots, aghh.........

        Things have been a little busy of late, so between that and the fact that my internet connection has not been working properly means I haven't had a chance to blog. With only 2 more weeks of work to go things are obviously a little crazy there and now with only 4 weeks til we leave for France weekends are flat out too catching up with friends and family, seeing as much as we can of everyone. Oh and there's all the little things like packing the house, getting all the final paperwork things in order, chasing solicitors, getting all our affairs in order, sorting out international banking, etc etc etc.......................
You get the idea!

I am trying to keep calm doing lots of yoga, not juggling my own babies but trying to make the most of the little ones surrounding me whilst they are still little!

Amongst all of this obviously the auntumn winter finery has been hitting the shops and well you know I'm gonna need some new bits for the next few months ahead, it's gonna be cold, so new jumpers, cardi's, boots, coats. I have been good, recycling I like to call it, it's name is ebay. Out with old and in with the new, I am only spending what I have earnt (on ebay!!!) so thats not really spending is it???

Too many boots? What moi????

  So the essential item for any budding seasonarire is a pair of good, solid, sensible boots, snow proof, steady on the ice, warm and cosy. I should probably point out at this point sensible footwear does'nt really exist in my volcabulary, in 10 years of going skiing, spending at least a week a year in snow drenched mountain villages with virtually solid ice under foot I must admit I haven't ever bought a proper pair of snow boots or taken any appropriate footwear with me. I have a snug (but ugly) pair of classic Uggs and last year bought a pair of ankle biker boots which have a slight grip (that is useless!!!) but they are more for style than practicalities. I have skidded all over the Alps, Canada and Pyreneese in kitten heeled ankle boots, platform knee highs, four inch heeled pirate boots, suede thigh highs and slipped around in a pair (incredibly uncomfortable) Converse hi tops!!! So I was thinking it may be time to try out these sensible, flat, grippy  
boots that everyone else seems to be happily stomping around in seen as I'm gonna be there for six months of slipperiness!

Ahh Louboutins!!!

Choo's anyone?

   So off to the shops I trot after trawling the wonderful world of online shopping, but after much looking, trying on and pondering, I decide (once again!) I'm just not that sort of gal! Bugger it, it is just not me to clomp around in what can only be described as boot carnage! Everytime I was looking at sensible (ugly) boots, I was like a moth to a flame and the next thing I knew I was standing there with high heeled beauties actually on my feet with the ugly flatties sitting on the shelf looking down disaprovingly at me.

You don't really need me to tell you how this little tale ends, but just for the record I'd better had.
  •  Pair 1- Brown leather lace up high heeled hiker, great grip with chunky 3 inch heel. ( I can walk in the snow in these I am sure!)
  • Pair 2- Classic black knee high with 3 inch heel. Legs stay dry!( for not so icey days!) 
  • Pair 3- Brown beaten leather pull on western style knee highs, chunky wooden 3 inch heel perfect for snow. (Hmmm, nice and casual though!) 
  • Pair 4- Black leather ankle wedge boot. ( come on they are practically flat!!!!)
      Did I say I went looking for 1 pair of sensible snow boots???


  1. Hi there! Was beginning to wonder what had happened to you as you hadn't blogged in a while but I see now that you have been busy boot shopping!!
    Hope you're well xx


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