An english girl who after six months in the french mountains, has left for Italia, the beautiful country. My thoughts on leaving life as I know it and beyond! Join me as I embark on a life with lots of adventure and a lack of heels!!!!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

And the count down begins.

  Time flies when you're having fun. Thats what we are all meant to believe, yes?  Well, no I think is the more appropriate answer at the moment. With the year just whizzing by at a million miles an hour my move to the french alps is coming round quicker than you can possibly imagine. It is a strange point to be at, I only have 10 weeks left at work and just 12 weeks to our official departure date.
    It's a bit like no mans land I suppose, the carrot dangling in front of you but just that bit too far out of reach. There's alot of things to sort out, the boring stuff like paperwork and the like, and there's the house situation, still unsold. Work is becoming more and more difficult to make it through the (very long) days and I really can honestly say I have had enough. But it will all be worth it I'm sure.
    I hang up my scissors on 28th october and say tally ho to many loyal and lovely clients that have become friends over the years. There are many lovely ladies (and great gents) that I have had the pleasure of knowing, some of which since I was a wee apprentice. The people I will miss, the responsibility (and the hours) of my position I will not!
    With leaving dates now looming in sight I am trying to coordinate leaving do's and get dates in the diary for catching up and seeing nearest and dearest as much I can before I embark on my new life. It is always such hard work getting friends all together now, our lives have changed and  there are little ones to take into consideration, so it makes it even more difficult. I am always the organiser (aghh!), I wonder what will happen when I'm no longer here making sure we all see one another.
    But on the upside I get to leave a job I've had enough of and start a new chapter with my Mr and live a life of adventure travelling the world living in amazing places!!
   I really should stop moaning!!


  1. Oh shut up, I'm gonna cry in a minute. See you tomorrow. Oh and by the way, have u seen my Opi On Collins Avenue? LOL xx

  2. You can't leave anything in the path of sticky fingers eh? I'll bring in my Opi for you tomorrow. e xxx

  3. Wow!! you lucky thing, how exciting! Fingers crossed your house is sold. You new life sounds like an amazing opportunity! xx


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