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Friday, 22 October 2010

Nearly there.

      Apologies for the lack of blogging once again, I haven't had a chance to catch up on anyone elses blogs either so am feeling right out of the loop!!! I have been run off my feet, crazy busy at work, with just one more week left its been incredibly busy and that equals stupidly late nights and early starts!!! To top it all off I am throwing a cocktail party for my work leaving do this saturday, so I have quite alot to do! Couple that with the house sale, the constant chasing of solicitors is just so time consuming and frustrating!!!! But at least the sale is going smoothly and we are on schedule to complete as we leave around mid november! Luckily the buyers are actually having the majority of my furniture too so thats one more thing sorted. My list of 'things to do' seems to be growing though!

      I am off to London today for the Ski & Snowboard Show at Olympia so that should whet the appetite some what!! Thats just going to make it all feel a little more real I think and make it even more exciting!!! The trouble with seeing all the new ski clothing though is that I am going to want all new things, it happens everytime that I go!! Must be good!!!! Going to go a little early though so I can have a quick nose around Kensington High St, would be rude not too, also I actually do still need a new coat so there I have a valid reason!

      Will be posting all about the party after the weekend, I am sure there may be a drunken story or two to tell!!!  Think we'll have some outfit posts too!!

      Hope you all have a good weekend,
      e xxx

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