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Monday, 13 September 2010

Bad Times.


  I don't like to sound like I am always moaning but blimey things are sent to try us at times eh? At the start of the year Mr and I invested in a practical and safe new car for our journey to the alps in november. We have approx 690 miles to drive so my trusty little corsa was probably not the best choice! We luckily have some friends in the business and managed to get a more sensible car to take with us.
  I've been happily driving back and forth to work in the new vehicle, was quite happy with it and most importantly it was roomy enough for all our belongings (plus, err a few pairs of boots!!). Also it was one of the things on my list of things to do done, all sorted move on to the next item.
  So imagine just how annoyed, let alone shaken up and a little shocked when some young lad ploughed into the side of me at 50mph whilst I was going round a roundabout last sunday!!! Luckily nobdy was injured, god knows how. So with everyone in one piece the police left us to it.

Lucky I was driving really, Mr's leg would probably have got caught in that door.
    I contacted my insurers and was reassured that they would do what they had to do and I would hear from them within 24 hrs about a replacement vehicle. I was stupidly under the impression that that was the worst of it and I could leave it to the proffessionals!!! Oh how wrong was I.
   To cut a long ( I am not kidding) story short, the insurers have decided it was my fault although I was half way round the roundabout, and despite the fact that there are skid marks courtesy of the other vehicle for about 10 meters before he hit me and these were going through the middle of the mini roundabout, and the fact that it is a residential road with a speed limit of 30mph! And we had witnesses. But the bastards had already admitted liability on my behalf before Mr emailed them the photos and then when I (rather furiously) enquired why the hell, they told me the details they had on the system were that I pulled out from a parked position!!!!!! Quite frankly this means I am not entitled to a courtesy vehicle as it was 'my fault'. The car is also deemed a write off. Aghhhhh.
    Nothing is ever simple, we now have a hire car as an act of good will from the insurers as I refused to hang up until I had a replacement car, but if I reject their 1st offer to cover the cost of my car the hire car agreement becomes void!
     So enough about that, we also thought we were on to a winner with the house sale when a couple came round and loved it, even put a note through the door to see if they could come back the next day. Trying not to get our hopes up, they came back, loved it. Had an offer 2 days later, 30k under the asking price! WTF? We then found out their max budget was 25k under our price!!!!! But we do have a secound viewing tomorrow from a couple that have sold, they have told the agent it is their favourite so fingers crossed. We are getting closer to going now and if we don't sell by the end of the month then we will be renting the house out, not ideal but a solution to a problem. Nothing is gonna stop us going now and after all this it can't come round quick enough!!!


  1. Having just spoken to you, it is hard to believe this incompetence from your insurers. I am just so relieved you are both OK it could have been so much worse. Good luck with the house xx

  2. Oh my god! Glad you are ok, ffs people are such twats. Hope the house gets sorted soon too... see you sat. xxx

  3. I'm very glad no one was hurt. Your poor car!! Hope something happens with the house soon, what a worry xx


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