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Thursday, 30 December 2010

I am still here!!

hello all,

having a technological nightmare but in a couple of weeks it should be all over!!!

the dongles we bought to get online have corrupted the modem in our laptop which means it is dead!! so we have had to order  new one, not budgeted for!!! but we have a shiny new mac on its way so should have no further problems as long as we stay away from dongles!!!!!!!!!!!

so using internet cafes is a nightmare, since the invention of wi fi there are hardly any actual computers to use anywhere, when they are available they are 9 euro an hour and have a french keyboard so it takes twice as long to type as all the keys are in the wrong  bloody place!!!!! but hey ho could be worse, could be working!!!!!

had a great christmas a la francaise style, christmas dinner cooked on christmas eve by moi, we had smoked salmon canapes and champagne on our balcony, then foie gras and goats cheese brioche with fig jam, then roast duck breast with port sauce, obviously did'nt make cheese course or desert as we were bloody stuffed!!! needless to say i feel like a blimp after eating all this fattening french food and all the copious amounts of wine finding its way down my throat!!!  and no the skiing does not burn it all off, its all a myth!!!! i feel fat!!!

we have friends coming out next week (really looking forward to that, and some female company as i am the only girl my age in resort!!) for the week so more drinking and eating is not going to help this situation, oh and the million course new year dinner in a lovely local restaurant with the obligotory consumption of alchohol, my god i will be rolling down the hill at this rate!!!

talking of rolling down the hill, i had my first major fall which scared the living bejesus out of me and knocked my very fragile (skiing) confidence right out of me, still in one piece though, just a bit of bruised ribs and a pulled stomach muscle, physically repaired now but certainly not mentally!!!! but is all part of it i guess.

so hopefully i will back to blogging with gusto in the new year when we finally get our new laptop, its so weird as we are already living in a strange bubble like existance as living in a mountain resort is already pretty remote and its a permanent holiday resort so its like you're part of the holiday too but without a computer it is even odder as we literally have no idea what is happening in the world.

so feel free to let me know whats going on, it would do me good to have a dose of reality!!!


  1. Foie gras? guess the vegan has well & truly gone then! The fall sounded scary - but you gotta get one out of the way haven't you. Mac sounds awesome! xxxxxxx

  2. Ok so whats been happening here. Mum came out of hospital the week before Xmas so I am having to pull my weight and go down and do her housework etc. I did the Xmas dinner as usual and then got raging toothache after I had eaten it and spent the next few days in agony until the Dentist opened yesterday and I got some antibiotics and a threat of having to have the tooth taken out at some point, which should be fun as of the four corners a tooth has, I only have one left! Kirsty was over from Dubai and I had lunch with her on the Tues of Xmas week down the Harps, they almost had to boot us out we had so much to talk about and not enough time to do so! Tony finishes work Tomoz, that 2 month contract became 18 mths but has finally come to end. He has interview next Thurs so fingers crossed, I can't stand having him at home again! I haven't bought a thing in the Sales, they are shit online and didn't go to Bluewater with the girls on Tues, because of toothache, so I feel well depressed and still have birthday and xmas money which will end up going on bills if I don't spend it soon! Work is going OK from home, everyone seems OK with coming to the house and I have had a few new ones. Room is nicer than last one I had to be honest. So thats about it with me really. Thanks again for the text on my birthday - it was so thoughtful and much appreciated. Happy New Year my babe, to you and Kev, have a great one, luv ya loads xxxxxx

  3. News Flash....Elton John is a Dad!!!



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