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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The cooking continues....

Week 3 of my practice chalet menu, I have decided to cut down the blogs a bit as it will probably get a little boring week after week for any of you actually reading it!! If you liked the full blown version leave me a comment or email me and I’ll revert back. So here goes.

Breakfast, Bacon & poached/fried eggs.

Well there a lot of things that you take for granted back in the UK, things that are simply not available. As a reformed veggie it does’nt really affect me but bacon is an issue out here in the French wilderness (??). You can buy bacon lardons but not sliced bacon! Odd I know, odd= most things the French do.

So while there are places you can specifically buy English goods at ridiculously inflated prices I would rather not fall into that stereotype of ‘Brit abroad’ so I use what is available instead. That means smoked, prosciutto style ham. And grilled, although thin, it is as close to a slice of bacon as you’re gonna get unless you want a pile of bacon lardons on your plate!! Hmmm….. on second thoughts I’m sure Mr would actually eat that, men!

Served with a fried egg (Mr health conscious as ever) and a couple of slices of wholemeal toast and there you go, bacon & eggs a la francais. Porridge for me! Think shorts, think shorts!!!!

Afternoon tea cake, Chocolate brownies.

The easiest cake to make in my opinion and always a winner. Especially at altitude, especially with the weird flour/lack of baking powder/non-rising issues as there is no need to worry about any of that.

My desert chef (Mr) decided he wanted to make the cake this week as the desert this week was a bit healthy for him. Maybe the altitude is affecting him more than I thought!!!!

My brownie recipe is super quick and mega easy, melt 200g dark chocolate and 200g butter together, then add 200g sugar, then 100g flour (plain is fine) and finally 2 eggs. Give it a good stir, pour into a tray lined with greaseproof paper and pop in a preheated oven, approx. 180 degrees and then bake for 25-35 mins. Keep checking after 25 mins if not quite ready, although if it is a bit wet by the next day it will be even better as it goes all fudgy!!!! Serves 6 very, very generously. Serve with crème fraiche.

No problems to report, Mr had to take instruction from moi as there was no recipe to follow!!! Maybe that’s the best way forward!!! I managed to avoid all but a couple of mouthfuls of this, and luckily we had friends for dinner the following evening who helped Mr just about polish the whole lot off. Thanks Elliot, my waistline is very thankful to you!!

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