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Sunday, 3 April 2011

day 5

Day 5
Main course, Cod wrapped in prosciutto with a red pepper sauce
Cannellini, garlic and herb stuffed tomatoes (V)
Savoury rice
Sautéed mixed vegetables
Steamed broccoli

So, the main event. Even fussy fish eaters and meat eaters alike can’t fail to like cod wrapped in prosciutto. The carnivores still get a bit of meat, nice and crisp and full of flavour and the fusspots get a smoky, tasty non-fishy fish. I tend to dot some butter onto the fish before wrapping the ham around it, I find it gives it a more luxurious flavour.  And it’s pretty quick too, 15 minutes in a hot oven will do. You can also use the buttery juices in the sauce if you like. The stuffed tomatoes are equally as enjoyable for us veggies (I’m back in strict vegetarian/occasional vegan mode after steeping on some scales this weekend!!!!), I think that stuffed vegetables are a great meat/fish alternative. The stuffing’s are endless as are the vegetables you can use. I used breadcrumbs (home made with black pepper and sea salt), pesto, extra virgin olive oil, some minced garlic, fresh parsley and cannellini beans, just mixed the lot together with a spoonful of the scraped out innards of the tomatoes, and popped it in the tomatoes, drizzled over some oil and baked in the oven until juicy. I suppose you could always add some cheese but you already have the protein from the beans and parmesan in the pesto so I felt no need, one thing you don’t really need here in France is more bloody cheese!!!

Anyhow, I roasted off some red peppers for the sauce, peeled once cool, added to a little stock, I have to use chicken as the French do not sell vegetable stock (see they just do not believe in vegetarians!!!!) And I just have not got the space to make my own, nowhere to store it afterwards. I only have an under the counter fridge with a freezer compartment! But anyway once blitzed together, add a spoonful (T or desert depending on how creamy you want it) of crème fraiche, adjust seasoning. Done.

For the savoury rice I just cooked the rice in a stock cube that they DO sell here but I have never seen at home in the UK, olive oil, garlic and herb, they are genius! I use them in sauces, to cook rice/ pasta, as a seasoning in soups. Fabulous. Serve the rice with sautéed mixed veggies and some steamed broccoli.

I should probably add that I once again I went through my usual rigmorale of bathing, dressing, up etc whilst all was cooking. A girl’s got to make an effort eh? And inside of this apartment is the only place my beloved Louboutin heels will get worn!! And it is also the only chance I get to wear my wildly inappropriate attire and jewels that made it here with me!!

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