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Sunday, 16 January 2011

smelly little shits.

I hope that you are all well and settling into 2011, I am finally recovered from my seasonaires germs!!! It really is amazing how much snot ones body can produce!!!! But enough about my bodily functions. my Vogue arrived yesterday so all is well!!!

Not skiing today as there is a huge cloud covering basically the whole mountain and you can’t see a bloody thing. Also had a bit of a late night last night so taking it easy. Although I can report that I have managed to get away without a hangover which is something as last night was my 1st night drinking after my anti-biotics. Every Wednesday a special night is being held for all us seasonaires in quite a cool bar and they basically let us have slightly cheaper drinks. It is being sponsored and run by Oxygene who is the company that Mr is working for. Let me just say it started at 5oc and by the time we got there at 7 there were very drunk young girls dancing on the tables, drinking pints, downing shots and still wearing their ski clothes, oh and the obligatory Nike hi-tops of course, it was a bit smelly!! Needless to say by about 9.30 they were all heading home in search of food and hopefully a shower!!! With age comes experience eh? We ate and showered before we went out and did’nt need to go home early!!! Did I mention I was having trouble making friends???? There is the reason!!!

No seriously I am missing some female company, as mentioned previously the girls here are either18-20 and completely awful (see above) or they are 40+ and just a bit sad, old groupies following that bloody band around. The men  (actually boys would be more correct) outnumber the girls roughly 6-1 and basically they are all here to shag one another and get wasted every night. Which is fine, your only young once eh? I would say to any parents out there though, do not let your teenage daughter do a ski season, she will never be the same again!!!!!!!! They are here to run wild and run wild they do. If however you happen to be a teenage boy, it is probably heaven!!!! The reason I am privy to such information though is not chatting in the loo’s catching up on the gossip with the Nike hi top gang, there is a free weekly rag, The Mountain Echo (has a website, check it out), which actually has a photos section for bad behaviour caught on film and a whole 2 pages of who is shagging who and what s been going down (or who!). It makes the Sheerness Times of Guardian (or any terrible local newspaper) look like the Observer. Incredible.

I did get chatting to a couple Irish girls last week but they had started the day with champagne for breakfast so by early evening when I spoke to them they were pretty much plastered as you can imagine, I was sober. It was hard work, not worth the effort. 

There are a couple of girls that are really nice that work in one of the bars we frequent (they wear make up and dress properly too!), they are probably about 25 ish so not too young but they work 4.30-2 am everyday so we only see them when they are working, plus they have their own friends so don’t need me tagging along!!! There is one other girl that I have spotted though who is probably about my age, has a fella and is clean, wears make-up and does’nt appear to wear ‘baggies and hi-tops’, she works for the same company as Mr so I shall try to make friends with her, as she really is one of the only people who seems normal!! God I sound like a stalker!!!

This is probably all pretty good preparation for our summer travels, god know’s what little arseholes we’ll be encountering then????????? When we went travelling 8 years ago we were always among the oldest ones (23 and 25 we were!!) and certainly almost always the only couple, so should be fun! At least we’ll know what to expect I suppose.  Smelly little shits!

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  1. The publication must be bad if it makes our beloved T&G look like the Observer! I shall make sure my girls never go and do a Season!


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