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Thursday, 31 March 2011

day 2

Day 2
Afternoon tea cake- Honey & almond cake.

Cake baking is no easy feat when you don’t have a mixing bowl or a cake tin but it is all about being resourceful eh? Whilst I am not in the habit of thieving, there are sometimes opportunities that are just to good to pass up.

As mentioned previously I only have a little rectangular baking tray, which is not ideal for cakes but it has had to do. That is until whilst at work last week cleaning up after some more disgusting people in a kitchen, I was putting away the stuff they had left in the dishwasher (after I put it on to wash I may add, pigs!!! That is not in my job description) I came across a springform cake tin.  I know this is not something I should be doing, but really I am only going to borrow it, I mean after all who the hell comes on holiday and bakes a cake?? Especially when it is so hard to work out the flour/baking powder situation and given the fact that if you are buying the ingredients in the village supermarket it will probably cost you €30! So I figure most normal people would just buy one or have a piece in a café. So I pinched the said tin, oops!! I should probably also add at this point that the apartments I service are all owned by different people (although managed by one company) so therefore they are stocked with tons of crap & all manner of stuff, so no one can possibly know what is actually in them, it a poor excuse I know but hey.

The cake I made using the normal sponge mixture but it was half flour, half ground almonds, 2 tablespoons of honey and teaspoon of almond essence added. I sprinkled crushed almonds  (can use flaked too) on the top and then baked in my new tin at 160 for 40 mins. On removal from the oven I pierced the top of the sponge all over and drizzled a generous helping of honey over the top! The ‘gateaux’ flour I am using is great, even with half ground almonds the resulting sponge was light and fluffy! So the French can do something!!!


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  1. I am totally gonna make this. We made carrot cake yesterday, seriously good!


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