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Thursday, 3 February 2011

The only gay in the village.

  I know that I have banged on and on about the lack of females, the lack of dressing up, the slippery floor not conducive to my love of heels, the skanky hi-top gang and their penchant for being unwashed and keeping their ski clothes on all day and night.

  But not everyone is completely scummy. Clearly a resort such as this attracts some very stylish and glamorous people, the difference is they are normally dripping cash so it’s not really a fair comparison to us mere locals. But as everyone knows money does not always buy taste and there is also a fine display of that here too, I do not mean to stereotype but you can spot the Russians a mile off.  Just think shiny fabrics, furry everything, spike heels (even I would not attempt these ridiculously, often ugly, high heels) and bad hair and make up. Apologies if you are Russian.

  There are one or two locals holding up the style stakes here though, but mostly of the older, classic variety apart from one. One who is seen skulking about in skinny jeans, fitted khaki’s, Breton tops, the softest cashmere, fabulous hats, waist cinching leather belts, gorgeous fitted fur jackets, high heels, long boots, huge black sunnies and softly draping leather bags. It is a bloody man!!

   Unfortunately this is the only gay in the village!!!! Complete with 5 o’clock shadow and short blonde hair! How worrying that the practically the only person I have any fashion taste in common with turns out to be a tranny! 


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  1. Oh how this post made me laugh, bless your heart! At least there's someone who's fashion sense you can admire in the village.xx


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