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Monday, 4 April 2011

day 6

Day 6.
Desert, Lemon meringue roulade with raspberry coulis.

As mentioned last week Mr has taken it upon himself to become the desert chef. Why, I have no idea but hey if it means he does something round here then that’s fine by me, and obviously I am standing by to interfere when I think he is not doing things properly!!

I will say this week’s desert was a whole lot more successful than last weeks cheesecake attempt. First the meringue was whipped up by hand, electric whisk’s are not really something you would hope to find in a seasonaire rental!!! And I have’nt seen one I can borrow (well pinch!!) My electric whisk is safely packed away back in the UK, handy!!

The meringue was then spread out on a thin baking tray (on top of greaseproof paper), baked for 10 minutes, then removed from the oven and left to cool. Once cooled turn the meringue over and leave until serving.

Just before serving add a layer of lemon curd then crème fraiche and use the paper to roll up altogether. Just like a Swiss roll. Serve with raspberry coulis. We had some left over that was a Christmas gift  (probably for the best as making it may have pushed Mr beyond his limits!!) but it is really easy to make with fresh or frozen raspberries, a little sugar and some lemon juice, just blitz altogether and press through a sieve.

So not as amusing to watch being made as last week’s but much more tasty. It was a real treat to have lemon curd as it was nearly €3.00 for a small jar of Robertsons!!! I had to buy it in the British section of the supermarket, which I normally avoid as we are in France after all and everything is bloody hideously expensive (not that I buy it ever but as an example a jar of Sharwoods curry sauce is €7.00!!!), but there was no other way!! There was nothing even close to resembling being lemon flavoured and I was not going to attempt to make it myself, it would definitely be cheaper to buy by the jar!!

So I think that can be classed as another successful evening’s food. We’ll see how next week goes, I hope you’re not bored stiff yet as we still have 5 more days to go!!!! God, that means only 5 more weeks till we leave. 

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