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Monday, 22 March 2010

Down to the serious stuff.

I thought i'd share a few things about how things are going on the practical side of life. Instead of me waxing lyrical about what i'll miss and what I want to buy, I expect it's about time I filled you in on what i've been up to.
The most important thing that husband and I need to do, before we bugger off at the end of the year, is sell our house. This house has been our place of residence for the last 3 years. We bought it as a 'project'. The house had been lived in for over 30yrs by the previous owners and believe you me it looked like it. Think lilac artex as far as the eye could see(with pink rose stencils here and there), purple, red and green paintwork(no comment), melamine mahogany effect wood(why oh why), carpets that practically walked out by themselves(yes really!), kitchen worktop that looked as if it was inspired by monet(nothing wrong with monet but up against lemon kitchen cupboards this greeny/browny/bluey concoction was too much),and layers and layers and layers of wallpaper(we could tell the decade by the pattern!!!). We basically had to take the whole house back to the brick work and start all over again, a brilliant idea for two people that can't really be arsed with diy!!!(hmmm)

This was a painstaking job, every little thing turned into 10 more jobs to do and what with a drunken plumber(don't ask), builders that do as they please not as they're meant to(don't get me started) and, the best bit, living in this nightmare!! We lived in our bedromm alone for over a year, had no heating, no flooring, no nothing, it really was living in a derelict house, suprising it was'nt condemmed sometimes!!

But now 'le maison' is a creamy carpeted, lovely pale, clean(well ish, when i can be bothered with house work) place to be. Lots of sweat and tears have gone into this house but we never planned to stay so it's not so sad to sell up, I'm just dreading the packing!!
This is my 3rd home(bar the rented flats when we were travelling) and I'm still waiting for 'that feeling'. Never really had that. Just that niggling itch now and again to move on, never that forever feeling. So I suppose thats why it does'nt feel so bad to be leaving. A few last jobs are being done at the moment then it's going on the market, which should be interesting, watch this space.
Not only is the house being sold but so is all of the furniture that i've spent hours tracking down, but again not really worried about that going either. I Have been informed by all friends what they've got their eyes on, which i'm taking as a complement.
So this time next month we'll be on the market and fingers crossed that's the start of our move. I suppose this is where it all really begins.

I know this was'nt meant to be about shoes but hey, there was once a young woman that lived in a shoe.................

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  1. There was me thinking you were going to keep the lilac artex!


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