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Monday, 14 March 2011

a week in the life of..........

  When I started this blog it was intended as a way of keeping in touch with family and friends during my time abroad but once I got started it I found I loved putting pen to virtual paper!

   Since being here in Val regular readers will know all about my internet problems and now I am relegated to copy and pasting my musings and scheduling the posts once a week. But wondering about what to write each week got me to thinking of this blog as a virtual diary of my life abroad and I thought that I should really write about what I actually do each week so when I am old and senile I can read about this girl that buggered off to try on a new life.

  So where does the week go when you only work one day a week?? I have no idea, and I know that many of you reading this will be cursing me at this point as you are trawling your way through another hellishly long working week but I honestly think you get more done when you have less time, I have been there.

  Life is all back to front here in a resort thriving on tourism, mid week is the weekend as most full time staff get Wednesday or Thursday as their day off, every weekday night the bars and clubs are packed with punters and seasonaires alike. So Wednesday and Thursday become Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and Friday, Saturday and Sunday become the middle of the working week as we work hard to sort out everything needed for all of the departures and arrivals of the holidaying guests that will surround for the coming week or so. Saturday and Sunday daytime is chaos in the village with people leaving, returning rental ski’s and generally clogging up the roads and people arriving dragging their luggage behind them trying to work out where they go when the get dumped at the bus station!

   For me, 9.45 Saturday morning is the equivalent of a bright and early Monday morning, I work all day cleaning up after filthy people in holiday rentals, changing on average 16-18 beds and cleaning many toilets, to be honest the toilets are not the problem, it is the bloody kitchens they are disgusting!! I finish around 5-6pm and go home worn out and feeling grimy, I get in, prepare dinner and have a good scrub in a long, hot shower!! Mr has recently been working Saturday evenings till around 8-9pm so we have a late dinner when he gets in and have a quiet evening. The village is dead.

   Mr works Sundays from 4pm until, sometimes 9pm, sometimes 11pm, so we sometimes ski in the morning and have dinner early afternoon before he goes to work and I then go online to skype  Lil’sis and publish and schedule my blogs. Sunday night I catch up on a girly film, paint my toenails or watch old episodes of SATC!!!

   Monday through Friday we ski most days if the weather is good, or not if the weather is bad, if that is the case we maybe go for a walk, wander the village, stop for a coffee or go for lunch. Sometimes we indulge in an après drink or two. Evenings are quiet, I cook, sometimes watch a DVD  (no TV), sometimes a friend to dinner, sometimes out to dinner, sometimes not so quiet when out for too many drinks! The cleaning and the washing still needs to be done and mid week we make our weekly trip to Bourg St-Maurice, drive down the valley to enjoy a coffee and check our emails in the café next to the super market, then I shop for the weeks supply of food, which is sad to admit but I look forward to, a trip out of the village, and I quite like food shopping, its my only shopping fix after all!!!!

  So there you have it, a routine wherever you are and whatever you are doing with life, but it is nice to have the chance to try this lifestyle, nice to have the time to cook and have some time out of that hellish working week that I know many of you are stuck in right now. But it is not forever, this time next year I will probably be working 6 days a week, 14 hours a day in a chalet so I figure I should make the most of this now!!


  1. I saw a thing once where you could turn your blog into an actual book, that would be cool! xxx

  2. I so can not imagine you cleaning toilets!


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