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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Spring snow.

    Clear blue skies without a cloud in the sky, brilliant white mountain peaks glistening in the afternoon sun and balmy temperatures. Yes I am still in Val d’isere but spring has sprung.

    It was a different story a few days back though, we actually had the long anticipated dump of around 30-60cm of fresh snow, totally unexpected and not forecast so that sent the village into chaos Friday morning when we all awoke to a scene from snow globe.

   But although it is great to finally get the snow we needed, the daytime is so warm that it is all melting already! The slopes are also still busy as there are still parts of France and now Portugal and various other countries on half term and I think because of the recent snow fall everyone has decided to shoot up here and make the most of it which is rubbish for the snow as it will all be worn away!! I must admit after nearly a month of business here I will be very glad to see the back of all these people, it drives you mad when you get used to it being calm and quiet (ish).

   Although In my previous jobs I have always worked with people I am not really a people person. People get on my nerves, especially the stupid things they do. When you live in a holiday resort such as this it amazes you sometimes, I appreciate that when on holiday it is a time to relax and forget about the real world for a bit but I seriously think some people leave their bloody brains at home!

   Even if you have never stepped foot in a ski resort I am sure that you can imagine that roads and paths covered in snow and ice make every little task long and tricky. From popping to the shops to crossing the road it is just not simple. Everything takes longer, when you walk anywhere you are more aware that if you slip you may well end up in hospital, when you get off a bus you have to be careful to put your foot down properly so as not go flying, even walking into a shop/café/bar is traitorous as the floors inside are always wet and slippery!!! Add a pair of ski boots and it is a recipe for disaster!!

   I do not even need to mention driving on wet, icey snow covered roads. We do not take the car out unless the roads are clear, if you successfully manage not to crash into a bus or any other vehicle upon the roads then the other hazard are the people!! Honestly, you would think that even though they are on holiday having a break, forgetting all their worries, leaving their stresses behind and relaxing that they would’nt want to get run over! It is just not that easy to stop on these roads!

  Everyday I see countless people, on and off the slopes, getting in the fucking way! Of everything! When on the bus people actually just step out in front of a bus pulling out from a stop, in the car they just walk straight out in front of you and don’t even get me started on the slopes. How there are not more crashes (in every sense) I just do not know. I have actually shouted at more people on the slopes to get out of the way than is polite to. They stop in the entrances to lifts, in the middle of the slopes, everywhere they bloody should’nt, I have even seen two women (I’m sorry to say) in the middle of slopes, and out of view of approaching skiers, sitting having a chat on their bloody phones!!!

  So in conclusion to my little rant I will certainly be looking forward to next week when they have all buggered off back home!!



  1. I couldn't agree more. I used to work with the public too and bloody hell people annoy me sometimes. xx

  2. Sounds like Sheerness High St on a Saturday morning doesn't it? I am always amazed at how people check that there is a vehicle coming before they step out into the road, if there isn't I swear they wait for one!

  3. Cute blog!

    ps please join my giveaway

  4. Hehe. I hope the women got skiied (is that right?!?) into!

  5. Sometimes it's nice to work in a job where you don't have to deal with too many people, and for the most part can just talk to them when you want rather than be forced!


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