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Thursday, 17 March 2011

so what next?

   We have six weeks left until the end of the season. We have six weeks left until we leave, six weeks until we are homeless, six weeks until we are unemployed, six weeks to figure out where next.

   I cannot believe how quick our time here has gone, it has been full of highs and a couple of lows here and there but with six weeks to go, we have to make the most of the time we have left here but we also have to get cracking on the plans for the next six months.

    So far we have decided to stay in Europe, we have decided to knock the round the world trip on the head due to New Zealand visa restrictions, we need to work a bit and that was not going to happen without a visa and the only way to get a visa was to spend a £1000, we would be lucky to earn that. And what with all that and these earthquakes and tsunami’s I think something is telling me it is not meant to be.

    The rough plan is to spend most of our time in Italy but stop along the way on the west coast of France around Bordeaux, down to the north, eastern Spanish coast area to Barcelona, then across the Pyrenees back into France to travel along the southern coast along into Italy where we plan to explore the length and breadth of the country before making our way back. That is as far as we have got.

    There is the issue of work. We need to do some. Not much, but some. And that is easier said than done in Italy unless you want to spend your time wearing a uniform of shorts and t.shirts and living in a tent, working in a holiday camp or teaching Italian kids English through the medium of drama, song and dance at a summer camp!! I do not really need to say that I would’nt be caught dead doing either do I?

    There are other options, holiday rep, resort staff etc for the big UK tour operators but they want you from April through till end of October full time, 6 days a week, living in shared accommodation, no choice of where you end up and it would just be our bloody luck we’d end up in different countries and almost certainly somewhere we do not want to be, I just know I would end up in some eastern European hell hole! 

   There are a couple of other things I am looking into, I’ll wait to see if they come to anything. But in the mean time back to the drawing board and I’ll keep ploughing through the websites, this carefree lifestyle is meant to be just that, it is‘nt meant to be such hard work!!!!!

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  1. Oh that sounds lovely, France, Italy and Spain. I'm quite jealous. I'll look forward to seeing lots of pictures. Hope you manage to get something sorted job wise. Lots of love xx


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