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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Day 2

Day 2.
Afternoon Tea, apple and cinnamon cake:

   I made a variation on the cake I had planned to make as I had some apples that needed using up. So lemon drizzle cake turned into apple and cinnamon cake instead.
   I rather generously gave half of this to our friend. The problem with making cakes, even if they are small, is that they need to eaten!!!!

  Apparently there is a problem with baking at altitude, cakes have trouble rising, all to do with liquids and temperatures, but I haven’t encountered any problems yet, but I suppose that is because up until now I have only made brownies, cookies and crumble to avoid this problem plus I have’nt got a cake tin!!! One odd thing is that you can’t buy baking powder here but having done some research I have found that you can buy special cake flour, farine de gateaux, so this is what I bought and used and it was perfect, I assume it already has baking powder in it.


  1. Hello Em, I thought i'd give your blog a bash as your Mr just goes on about the french, beer and boobs (I love it) so I thought I'd find out what else you have both been up to. The food idea is great I can honestly say I've loved everything you've cooked me but my god your blog is girly I could feel myself wanting to do my special clap and point while reading it. I now need to go do something manly (which is not easy for me). Luv ya Steve x

  2. I would like to see this special clap.


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