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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Day 3

Day 3.
Canapes, Prosciutto wrapped figs and winter vegetable crudités with a warm dipping sauce.

    These canapés I thought would be great make ahead nibbles, once made they can sit happily in the fridge. I used dried figs, which I halved, laid in the middle of half a slice of Prosciutto and the wrapped the ham around to form a parcel, the salty ham and sweet, rich fig work well. I have also used fresh mango before this also works very well.

The winter vegetables I used for the crudités were fennel (which I adore raw or any other way), tricolor peppers, red endives and celery. All can be chopped quickly (washed in advance) whilst the sauce is warming.  For the warm dipping sauce I added minced garlic (2 cloves), dried basil (half a teaspoon), salt and pepper (to taste) & extra virgin olive oil (approx. 4 tablespoons) to reduced vegetable stock (approx. 500ml bought to the boil then reduced,) then over a very low heat add a generous spoonful of crème fraiche just before serving, you can add chopped anchovies but I decided to keep it veggie friendly!!

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  1. mmm, love figs. This is making me a bit hungry!


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