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Sunday, 6 February 2011

The halfway point!

   I cannot believe it is February already. That makes it half way through this ski season, meaning just 12 weeks left to decide where we are off to next. It also means just 12 weeks till everything closes and we really have to move on. February also means crazily busy as the UK and the rest of Europe descends into the school half terms, which in turn means it will probably be horrendous here!!!  Especially as we still have not had any real snow this year, the most that we have had is 10cm since Christmas day and there does’nt appear to be any forecast soon!!!! Not a good thing as the slopes are becoming more appropriate for ice climbing as apposed to skiing, but hey ho once there are thousands more people over the next few of weeks sliding around on the icey slopes I am sure it will only get worse so should’nt really complain right now!!!

   It has gone soo quick these last few months so I just know that May will be here in no time, even quicker will the resort closing be though if we don’t get some snow soon!!!! Today it was +11 degrees, far too warm for snow!! But rather than think about that I shall concentrate on now.

   This last week Mr decided to get back on two planks as apposed to the one he whizzes around on. I was so looking forward to him being a skier for a few days, not for any other reason but to see him fall on his arse and be worse than me for a change!  How very disappointing! He did’nt fall over and was’nt bad especially seeing as he had’nt had ski’s on for about 12 years, although I surprised myself as I was teaching him how to use these new fangled ski’s (carver’s did’nt exist way back when he was a youngster on ski’s) and I was constantly telling him to correct his posture (I am an expert after being told myself for many years!!), and even more surprisingly once I felt he was safe on his own I was the one doing the overtaking!!! But he is not converted and will be back on the board this week cutting us skiers up and thinking he’s cool, bloody snowboarder’s. They really must remember they would’nt be here if it was’nt for us skiers!! 

    But due to these warmer days that we are having it does mean that the village is less like an ice rink. The sun is blazing, the skies are perfectly blue, there are actual pavements to walk on, you can sit outside the café’s on the streets, I don’t have to put on 5 layers to step outside but it does feel a bit strange, it should be covered with snow at this time of the year and yes I have moaned incessantly about the cold but it almost feels too warm. I know, I know I am never happy!

Mr on the planks!!

Red sky in the morning, should be shepherds warning,
The shepherds warning was for sun!!!! 


  1. Does time fly chick? It has been very windy here but not too cold, heating on just a couple of times a day to take the chill off, but nothing major, think we have had our winter now, hopefully and less than two weeks till LFW!

  2. Where do you think you might go next? xx


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