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Friday, 4 February 2011

The latest accessory!!!

   I am almost through reading my latest vogue, yes the Victoria Beckham one. I must admit to not being the biggest fan of Ms Beckham, not her personally, I am indifferent about that but I am not a fan of her ‘apparent ‘style. Neither am I a fan of celebrity designer collections, and I must say hers is astronomically priced for someone who is not a designer. And not all that remarkable in my own opinion, but each to their own. I will say though that her interview was the first article I read and I enjoyed it, and it gave me a slightly more positive outlook on the former spice girl. But still with regards to her sense of style I just cannot help thinking that she always looks just a bit too styled but tries to come across as if she is’nt.  I think she also comes across as wanting to be taken more seriously as a designer and mother (in that order) and not just another publicity hungry celebrity. The jury is still out on that one. But who am I to talk, the closest I have come to designing my own collection is spraying a vest with bleach (see previous post) last week.

  But that brings us (kind of) to the all the lovely new things on offer, obviously we are at that time of year again when we are seeing all the new season trends in Vogue et al, it really whets your appetite for, well everything really. One thing that I can almost guarantee that Victoria will not be purchasing this season is a pair of crampons! I will explain, they are rubber, they have grip, they have metal  spike’s, they slip on over your shoe to give you more grip and tread on ice and snow! So not the latest spring accessory but as close to one as I am likely to get! But kind of a god send as the village has now turned into an ice rink thanks to warm temperatures during the day (apart from today, -21) making everything melt and then freezing at night creating frozen slush and black ice covered pavements!!  They are ugly, but they work ever so slightly more than normal footwear (you know where I am on that score!!!) although I wore them out Wednesday evening over my ankle boot wedges and they gave the boots a rather architectural, Gareth Pugh look about them!!!  Once again I am learning to work with what I’ve got!

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  1. Hey Honey, I guess the accessory you talk of is a bit like snow chains that they put on car tyres but for shoes! -21 OMG!


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