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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A day out!

   Last week we also had a day trip!! We left the mountains (sort of) and went to a town! A real town with shops!!!  Not just a supermarket, a bakery, a butcher’s and a few crap souvenir shops like our nearest town, real shops like H&M and Mango, but I could not find Zara, though I could feel it must’ve been close!!! And only a 2 hour drive away!

   This is a place known as Annecy, a huge lake in the middle with mountains all around, not like our mountains up here in resort but more gentile mountains with rocks and grass (not unlike some of ours due to lack of snow!!!!). The lake turned into little canals running through the beautiful old medieval town, with pretty little stone and ironwork bridges here and there and it made for a very pleasant change of scenery.

   We went to Annecy with two others, a guy we have known since we arrived who Mr was sure was gay (he definitely is not, I knew he was wrong. Men! When will they learn to listen to us!!) And one other companion who, wait for it, was a GIRL!!!  A 21 year old university graduate who is a rep for a ski (obviously) holiday company. She is not smelly, does’nt have dreadlocks, wears make up and does’nt appear to have a pair of Nike hi-tops!! 

   We met her a couple of weeks ago whilst we were out one Friday night, our week of not going out and not drinking did’nt go to well as you can tell, our friend (as mentioned above) works for Oxygene ski school (and got Mr his job there) and in his marketing role has to get to know all the reps. He had arranged to meet this young lady and kind of made us go along with him so he was’nt on his own but he was very shy and she and I ended chatting away instead!!

    So whilst out (again) on weds we convinced her to come out for the day on Friday and she came, so luckily I was not the only female, our friend did’nt feel like a gooseberry with just Mr and I and I finally got to have some proper girls conversations!!

   We arrived in time for a lovely canal side lunch (a damn sight cheaper than Val too!) and took a lovely stroll around the lake before heading into the maze of shops that made up the town centre.

   And as lovely as it is living in a ski resort it is not the real world and it is a small place to live (although Val is much bigger than most) so it felt good to get back into the real world for a day and escape the bubble that is our day to day lives in the mountains.

   Also the other plus was just a little peek into a couple of shops (that don’t sell ski clothing!) just a little hit!!! You would be proud though as I left empty handed although the longing for new everything came flooding back as I wandered around H&M!!!!  Hmmm, don’t think it will ever go away.

   Here’s some snaps of our day out! 

Panoramic setting, France def not China as it kinda looks!!!



  1. It looks beautiful! I'm very surprised you managed to resist buying something. It must have been months since you went shopping...xx

  2. It does look very beautiful. How did you manage not to shop! Glad you got some girl time tho. xxx


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