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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Hello again.

Well hello there from here in sunny (!!!) Val d’isere. I am trying desperately not to turn this blog into a French mountain weather report but unfortunately we are rather weather dependant up here!!!

We still have had no more snow since one day last week and I know back in the UK you will be muttering that I am mental but we need snow, and we need cold! Temperatures reached +5 this week, compared with -23 last week that is not good (I know I was cold, I know I know). But bright days mean lovely skiing conditions even if it is getting very icey under foot.

We started work last Wednesday (by start I mean one whole day!!), did a spot of cleaning in a few apartments which was fine, I say a spot of cleaning, we cleaned everything, and I mean everything, from knives and forks to toilets! But being paid for housework is not to be sniffed at, not exactly challenging but it suits us perfectly. So if you happen to end up in an apartment rented through Peak Services here in Val d’isere it will have been yours truly who cleaned your loo!!

But it’s not all about work, our employers very kindly invited us along to a soiree Friday evening thrown by a very cool mountain restaurant (think outdoor DJ’s and champagne on the terrace). Nobody is entirely sure of the purpose of this event as they are already hugely successful and clearly make a fortune as the evening was rumoured to have cost them £30,000,It was invite only (no rif raf in their hi-tops here!!) and it was for local business’. It was held in the local sports centre, but that is an ultra glam location by itself, all moody lighting, stone and chrome, not your typical council run leisure centre!!!! The party was held poolside with a live DJ and singers (including one er.. guy? In stilettos and a wedding hat!!), there was champagne on arrival with canapés then cocktails, wine and beer plus more food all for FREE!!!! Fabulous!! Oh and a fashion show, but that was rubbish, it was all awful ski clothes which was weird as there’s some really nice stuff about. But unfortunately the bar ran dry at just gone 10 but it was fun whilst it lasted!!! So we left and went to a fully stocked bar to buy drinks!!! We found out whilst there that Friday was the French evening and then they were doing it all again Saturday night for the Brits, odd as our employers are British and there were loads of Brits there so we decided that it must be for the unpopular ones on the Saturday and they probably ended up with our leftovers and shit wine!! Bet they did’nt get champagne!!

So you can imagine that Saturday we were not up bright and early skiing, although the hangovers were not bad considering!! But it has been the mens world cup ski championship here this weekend so we got up and watched that which was good, a great atmosphere and free milka chocolate!!

So that’s it for a while, meant to be working tomorrow (Monday) but our employers said they might take us skiing instead!! It is a hard life!!!

E xxxxx


  1. hi em & kev
    sounds like ur both having a great time
    enjoy it
    Amber xx

  2. Am thinking 'result!' your employers sound like they are really looking after you and obviously have great choice when choosing their staff! Wait til she finds out you are a stylist too! xxx


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