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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Fashion Advice!

Just a quick one on the subject of snow style advice.

I was dressed very casually (well I thought so), black skinny jeans, fitted denim shirt with puff shoulders and my heeled hiking boots, we were going to have a quick drink last Thursday evening (I swear we are not drinking as much as it sounds!) in the V Spot (cool boarder hang out, of which I am most definitely not it must be said!).

We got there and it was pretty quiet about 8.30ish, (but this is a late place you can literally go out every single night till about 6 in the morning) but anyhow we were sitting having a quiet drink minding our own business when some young chap who works for our landlord turned up. Now I must say he is pleasant enough, bit of a smelly baggy boarder type, long messy curls, permanent woolly hat on, dirty jacket, baggy pants, but that’s fine there are a lot of them knocking about. We have seen him around and always have a quick chat about nothing in particular.

HE decided to give me a bit of style advice on Thursday night!!!! He said “you’re a bit glam you, you need to get in to your baggies and hoodies and be comfy and warm”, I was ever so slightly speechless (I know hard to believe eh?), but I smiled politely and said “I don’t do baggy, this is me casual and comfy”, at which point he laughed and looked at my boots, and laughed again, and told me I needed some trainers on!!!! Since when did boys start caring? Or sharing advice? Or not as the case may be!! There was nothing left to say quite frankly.

Then Friday night we had the cool party thing, what on earth to wear??? Go ultra casual (like everyone else) or be my own glam self, decided on what I consider a casualish grey marl, zippy, fitted dress with thick tights and my wedge ankle boots, perfect. Oh and some dangly chunky earrings, bugger it if I’m not gonna be in the skanky gang then I may as well go all out!! But we got there and It was fine, I was’nt the only one in a dress (I saw probably like 4/5 others out of hundreds!!!) and the hostess was wearing leopard tights and heeled boots!!! Whoopee I am not the only ‘glam’.

But funnily enough on the way out, balancing across the snow path in my ankle boot wedges, another boarder (a clean one but baggy all the same), who we had met once before, stopped me and pointed at my feet and said “Have you got heels on? Bloody hell you’re mad”, Chuckled and went on his way. Have these boys never seen a girl in anything other than bloody trainers????


  1. I wouldn't mind a man giving advice if it was Tom Ford, anyone else can go f@@k themselves, especially smelly baggy boarder types, WTF?

  2. Hi there,
    I have been rubbish at blogging and keeping up with everyone elses recently but good to see you're still going!
    My motto has always been that I'd rather be overdressed than underdressed any day. I've been that way since I was about 10!

  3. I am just back from skiing in Austria- it´s not always glam there either- though I do try to make an effort! You should do whatever comes naturally!


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