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Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Right we still have no internet!! We have purchased another dongle and that won’t work either!! AGHHHH. That is all I am going to say on the matter. Copy and pasting from now onwards. Although very frustrating that I cannot read any blogs either as time will not allow when paying by the hour for wi-fi!!

It is weird when you don’t have internet or TV, you get so spoiled in having these things eh? It also makes you realise that you don’t really need them as much as you thought you did, but when you are living in another country the internet is a life line back to your nearest and dearest and in these days of technology gone mad it makes you wonder how we did ever live without it.

We had been going on to everyone before we left to make sure that they are on Skype and now it is virtually impossible for us to use it ourselves, typical.

But enough moaning, we went out Saturday evening, first to a bar opening, Swedish owned and run so more of the beautiful people (I was the only girl in there without long blonde hair!), then on to a party where we met a few more (non-Scandinavian) people. I actually blow dried my hair (a rarity now that my hair is mostly under a helmet!) I put on a skirt and attached some sparkly earrings and looked more like my former self!! It was quite nice to see though that the birthday girl was wearing a dress and I actually saw someone in a pair of silver sandals!! All I am going to say is that she must’ve had a pair of snow boots in her bag or that she was staying in the hotel above the bar, it was freezing and as we have had no new snow the paths and roads around this village are like an ice rink!

There was a band (you know my thoughts on bands, I think I am going to get my fill of them in certain places here!!), It is incredible the singer was about 40, he still had that look of complete arrogance and ‘I’m gonna be discovered, you just wait’ look in his eyes, he had a new bunch of younger lads playing with him and I swear he thought that he was famous already and that he was giving these new guys their big break!! Unbelievable! His wife was really nice, she does the work, runs luxury chalets and apartments (I’m meeting with her tomorrow for a bit more work) whilst he is in a band. There is a common denominator here, the women are the ones running the place whilst the men play in the snow (or believe themselves to be such talented musicians they could not possibly work in real jobs!!!) Who are the stupid ones really???

Too much vino resulted in day off the slopes on Sunday, hangovers at altitude are not for the faint hearted, don’t know why they are worse, they just are. But that was fine, had a spot of lunch then just vegged out and made pizza’s for dinner, another healthy food day!!!

So the weather, it has decided to about face and go from -23 last week to raining today, with highs of 5 degrees, not brilliant for snow!! Although at the top of the mountain there should be 30-60cm of new snow due to this rain lower down but the avalanche risk was up to 4 out of 5 today what with the warmer temperatures add in 50mph winds at the top and I don’t think I need to clarify that I am not on the mountain skiing in rain/wind/blizzard today!!! Bloody mad people if they think that’s fun.

So that’s about all for now folks, hope that the UK is thawing out.

E xxxxxxxxxx

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