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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

So long, Farewell......

       Well I have just 4 weeks tomorrow until my last day at work. I cannot believe it has come round so quickly. As a hairdresser I see my clients every 3-8 weeks so time flies as I am always looking 12-16 weeks ahead. Over the (many) years I have made some great friends and have enjoyed getting to know everyone and hearing all about their lives. I announced that I was leaving at beginning of the year and was pleasantly suprised to get a very positive response (maybe they'd had enough of me!!!!). But over the last couple of weeks I have started seeing people for the last time. It is really quite sad to be saying goodbye, last night I was nearly reduced to tears by one lovely lady, christ know's what I'll be like on my last day!! But I've been giving them all my blog address so hopefully they'll stop by and we'll stay in touch.

      But there is another goodbye today too, some very special friends of Mr & mine's are leaving for Kuwait tomorrow. They are a lovely couple we met in Australia 8 years ago when we were all travelling. We have stayed in contact and it is always great to meet up even if it's not for months on end . They had a lovely little girl a year ago and have made wonderful parents. Then earlier in the year they were offered an opportunity in the middle east which was too good to refuse so off they are going. It is a great chance for them and I admire them for going for it, especially with a little one, but hey you only live once eh? So I wish them a safe journey, and I just know we will see them soon one way or another.

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