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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Another favourite place of mine.

   A love affair with Italy, Oh I am in love. Mr and I first went to Italy 3 years ago and it was just the most wonderful place in the whole world. It lives up to every stereo type you ever hear about, gorgeous cities, gorgeous food, gorgeous beaches, gorgeous people........bellisimo!!

Trevi Fountain.

The Pantheon.

Inside the Vatican City.

The magnificent Colliseum.
     Our 1st stop was 3 nights in Rome which was just stunning, I decided after stepping out of the taxi on our arrival at our hotel that this was the place for me. Everywhere you look it just feels like you are surrounded by history and beautiful architecture, amazing. It is simply breathtaking. I feel I could wander those streets forever and never ever become tired of those wonderful sights.

Positano from the sea.

The view from our balcony.

The view from the pool.
     We then had 4 nights in Positano which must be quite frankly one of the most amazing places on the Amalfi coast. Built up in to the rocks and cliff face, the whole place is a maze of little lanes and alleyways crammed with incredible resturants and fabulous shops ( Fendi? Prada? anyone?), all built around the gorgeous little bay and beach. The perfect place to relax and forget all about real life. Sigh.........................  

     Have you been to Italy?


  1. Lovely pictures. The Amalfi coast is one of my favourite places too. You can't beat it for the atmosphere, the food and the beautiful views xx

  2. Italy is the one place I want to go back to. Maybe in 5 years time when I actually might be able to get a couple of days off! ; )

  3. I didn't know if I replied to your comment on my blog whether you'd see it or not (still getting used to this!) so I thought I'd respond on your page just to be safe.
    Thank you for all your lovely comments, it was so nice of you and very exciting to have another follower!! I am actually already married, we had our wedding in May but as we'd asked for travel vouchers for our wedding gifts, we had to have our honeymoon a bit later. Plus it gave us something to look forward to!!
    I'll be following you, we certainly seem to share a lot of interests.
    Take care xx

  4. Christina, t'is lovely there hey?
    Becca, You will need a holiday in 5 years!
    Vintage Sparkler, you can reply wherever you want, nice to hear from you.

    Thanks all e xxx

  5. Shame I missed out on the chance to go there, but the family holiday had to come first as you know!


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