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Monday, 20 September 2010

Things are looking up!

   Just when it feels like the world is against you something happens and all of a sudden things get back on track. With now just 8 weeks till departure everything is finally sorting itself out. The house is SOLD!! (again!) Trying not to get too excited but a very short chain, our buyers have a buyer purchasing their property for their daughter with no mortgage and our buyers have a huge deposit and have their mortgage is good to go. I know alot could happen but fingers crossed!!!

   The next thing is I will finally be back on the road this evening in a big safe 4x4 so any young boys speeding in their little hatchbacks better get out of my way!!!! I am not a car person, as long as it is a dark colour, newish and does'nt look like its designed for the aged I don't really mind or care. I have only owned a few cars since I passed my test 13 years ago as I would rather spend the money on holidays and shoes! But a strange thing is although I consider myself an independent young woman able to say what I think, run a business, do as I please and generally look after myself without relying on a man, car's are where I have a bit of a wobble. I always feel the mechanics, salesmen etc see you coming and think they can pull a fast one. And in all honesty they probably bloody could, who am I to argue? I have not one iota what they are on about or what I am looking for. But today I have successfully test driven, asked the required questions (blagged big time) and secured a rather good deal (hopefully???) all on my lonesome!! What a clever girl! The funny thing is this is the biggest most manly car I've ever owned!!!! It'll probably blow up on the way home!

Should keep us safe in the snow!

 Does anything make you feel like a little girl lost?


  1. oh yay congratulations, I'm soo pleased for you. Well done on getting a good deal, mechanics and the like scare me, I always feel dead stupid and patronised when dealing with them...

  2. I don't drive so don't know much about your problems with salesmen but I do know what is a lovely car!!

  3. Agree so glad I don't drive! I know one of my 40 year old single friends actually got my husband to go with her a couple of years back when she bought a new car. So glad about the house and must admit I do like cars, crazy for someone who doesn't drive and I love your new one!


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