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Friday, 13 August 2010

It was the best of times and the worst........


      A strange month or so it has been, it really has been the best and worst of times as I will now explain further. We have had three gorgeous little girls arrive, all cuddly teeny weeny visions of pink loveliness. As some of you know I am not a particularly maternal person, I have never had any desire to reproduce and can honsetly say I will never change my mind (regardless of how many people tell me that I will!!!!). But over the last few years my nearest and dearest have started their own families, so therefore I have become more accustomed to the little ones surrounding me. And they are all very lovely and I think the world of them. I do get the best bits really, I can visit them, play and cuddle and do all the nice bits but then I can leave and have a full nights sleep and not have play-dough trampled all over my house. So thats been some of the very best of times.


    And the very worst of times, our house is back on the market. Our house sale fell through 2 weeks ago, we were 3 weeks away from completing!!  The hugely frustrating thing is that the buyers still want the house!!! Aghhh. The situation is this, the buyers had been approved for a 90% mortgage by RBS (owned by us the taxpayer!) the survey and valuation was all done and came back perfect, then RBS decided that they would only lend 80% because the bloody surveyor suggested that the house be placed in the same bracket as a new build property due to the extensive renovation works!!!! WTF??? My house was built in 1860!! It is a terrace so how on earth can we be a new build?? So the poor buyers are 10% short which is waaayy too much money for us to drop, they did appeal to the underwriters who took 2 weeks to decide that they were not going to change their minds!! The buyers have since reported this incident to the FSA, and they are still shopping around to see if they can get another mortgage. So needless to say we are back on the market, we have wasted 8 weeks. So things are now pretty stressfull as we have exactly 13 weeks till we leave for France, bugger.


  1. Fucking nightmare babe, I feel so sorry for you. Is there an ombudsman they can appeal to?

  2. I dunno, Kev spoke to someone at work about it and they said it would take roughly 8 months for an investigation!! sigh... e xx

  3. I can't believe it's only 13 weeks til you go : (

  4. I know, can't believe it! Coming round soo quick. e xx

  5. Oh what a pain!! I had something similar as my house is so old. The surveyor said the Victorian wall in the back garden was a bit wonky so they wouldn't give me the full amount. I was five grand short. I borrowed it off a friend. Then the day I completed the bank phoned to say they would lend me the full amount and they'd made a mistake! Typical. I'm glad I didn't owe them the interest though.

    I really hope your buyer can sort it out or you find another one! xx


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