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Monday, 2 August 2010

Loving Liz Earle.

      I have always been a sucker for lovely skincare, I am also completely paranoid about looking old! I know that it is enivitable but hey a girls gotta try eh?
      I have tried all sorts of premium lines and have liked alot but I always end up being won over by something new.
      A few years ago I found an amazing night oil recommended by Vogue that was just amazing, I though I had found the secret of eternal youth, I was happily slathering myself in this gorgeous stuff then one day I went online to place an order and 'pouff', gone, out of business!!!! OMG!!
      Well to cut a long story short I have now spent 2 years trying to find a replacement without success. Then a few months back whilst contemplating what to spend some John Lewis vouchers on I found myself being drawn to the lovely serene, pretty pastel bottled counter of Liz Earle.
       The very knowledgable and helpfull ladies (not orange scary chase you round the counter ladies!!!) advised me to give their starter kit (what a great purse friendly idea!!) a go and then she showed me the holy grail, Superskin Concentrate!!! I swear this is the same stuff as I was using 2 years back, it smells the same, looks the same colour and my skin has instantly cleared up, just fantastic stuff. I have been banging on about it to anyone that mentions the big 'W' word.
        I have just been onto their website and to my delight they are doing a fabulous summer offer where if you purchase your 3 skincare essentials you recieve a free Superskin Concentrate!! Saving £18! Bargain! What I was also pleased to see as a first time website visitor was that you can buy all products in sample sizes, how sensible, anyone got any half used jars and bottles knocking about??? I am also reliably informed that they are generous with their samples when ordering online.

             Ps, It must work I frequently get asked for ID!!!!!


  1. Sadly hasn't worked for me and I was using the stuff years ago and have bought from the website many times. Liz Earl's cleanse and polish remains a firm favourite along with Eve Lom which I only tried last year for the first time. I love the brand and have mentioned it many times on my blog and do I ever get sent anything from them, do I hell, although other bloggers who have never mentioned the brand before do, thats not fair is it? So if you get asked to do a review you have to promise to share the goodies with me LOL x and as much as you moan, you have great skin, the clarity and transulancy is amazing.

  2. I must get some of this oil, I still have my JL vouchers too!

  3. ...I couldn't agree more!!! absolutely love Liz Earl! My mum has been using it for years and finaly converted me last xmas. Everytime you order online you get a free gift too! My current favourite is the Hot cloth cleanse&polish and the Superskin Concentrate at night - the smell is so relaxing, it sends me straight to sleep!

  4. I've never tried it...yet...but it does appear to get tremendous praise, maybe time for a change...


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