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Monday, 23 August 2010

Danni Minogue style queen.

   I have always been a fan of the gorgeous Minogue sisters. I was in the Kylie fan club, had the black and white braces dress from the 'I should be so lucky video' and generally loved all of the camp girliness of the antipodian pop princess.
   I always felt, as probably many do, that Danni was either in her big sisters shadow or trying to get in on the limelight. But nevertheless I always liked her too.
  Then there has always been the male debate, Kylie or Danni? Boys will be boys!!
   I am a sucker for celebrity reality tv shows but somehow missed Danni's show on ITV2 until last week. I loved it, and am now gutted that I have only caught the last two!! Bum.
    The thing is I read about Danni's new fashion line Project D  a while back on Mrs Fab's blog and I will admit I was a little sceptical, never really keen on celebrities thinking they are designers and cashing in on their popularity. But after watching her show, I am converted. She is a lovely person, gorgeous inside and out (a rareity) and seems to genuinely love all that she is doing. She clearly loves fashion (and it loves her back) and is caught up in the excitement of producing her own clothes with her friend Tabitha, many a girls dream come true. And the result is great, some really gorgeous dresses, very feminine and not too hideously expensive (around the £210-£390 mark).
   So I think that Danni truely deserves her style queen crown.

   Here's a few of my favourites,


  1. Sadly I haven't seen her show either, something to do with OH hogging the remote every night!

  2. I have just found it on ITV iplayer, there s only 3 episodes so I only missed one, watch it you'll love it. e xx

  3. I haven't managed to catch the show yet. I saw the dresses on Mrs Fab's blog and there were a couple that really caught my eye too xx

  4. I haven't watched this show, but I do remember your Kylie braces dress...


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