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Saturday, 12 June 2010

I hate football!

   I know that it only happens every 4 years, I know that we should all join together as a proud nation, I know that its only for a month, but I really loathe the world cup, hate football in general, actually I hate all sport, not even the eye candy is worth putting up with the incessant droning on about 'the game' 24 hours a bloody day for weeks on end.

   This is not a good start, we are only on day 2 of said tournament and it is already doing my head in. Not only have we had a year of qualifying matches, the tv has had no end of programmes over the last month or so building up to what will probably be a disapointment for England fans, ( I do not mean to offend but face it it's probably true).

   I know that people are just being patriotic but it makes me feel, I dunno the word to use( probably best not to say, I'm being polite!!), but anyway the bloody flags everywhere, the bunting, the stupid people you see on local news programmes turning their roof's into the st-georges cross, what is wrong with people????

   So far I avoided last nights grand opening (sigh.......) by going to my local late night opening shopping center, along with most of the female population of kent I think! And today whilst writing this I am trying desperately to  ignore the sound of those bloody voovoozeela's, they sound like a giant swarm of bee's!! So very annoying(1 more month to go of this!!)

  Tonight though whilst the whole of England goes into a bloody frenzy over their first game, sis-in-law and I are leaving the boys indoors (looking after baby!!) whilst we head to a nice quiet, football free bar for a tipple or two! So far so good, I also have a England game avoidance plan for next friday night with my girlfriends, have found out which places are NOT showing 'the game' and we will be making a beeline for them!

  One last little rant (I know, sorry!!) lets hope that the England team bloody pull their finger out and win otherwise all we're going to hear about is how rubbish they are for the next month, we will get it in the ear regardless at the end of the day, win and all the men will bang on about is how fabulous Stevie G and co are or lose and all they'll go on about is how shit and useless Stevie G and co are! Arghhhh... Roll on mid july!!

  Come on England!!!! (even typed you can tell my hearts not in it!!!)


  1. its not even five thirty and we are watching build up to the big match programmes! The sound of those bloody horns do my head in, WTF? I don't mind watching if we can have it on mute!

  2. I have practically no interest in sports either.

  3. A girl after my own heart!!!! e xx


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