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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Birthday Girl

I have just a few hours til I am definately in my thirties! Tomorrow I will 31. I dreaded turning 30, on my 21st birthday some kind sole sent me a card saying 'only 9 years til you're 30',  from 21 every year was a reminder that it was getting closer. This time last year I was not feeling nearly as bad as I had done in the years building up to it!

Hubby and I spent the weekend in Venice and it was wonderful, Venice was magical and this turning 30 business was just fine, infact it felt good. I realised that I was happy at 30 and felt that I no longer felt that yearning to be in your late teens/early 20's. I think that I accepted that getting older is a fact of life and there's nothing you can do about apart from embrace life and all that it throws at you.

To celebrate this annual occurance last night I cooked dinner for my 11 friends and a good time was had by all, thankfully I have'nt poisened anyone that I know of and the hangover was a mild morning only one, which is nice for a change!!!

Tomorrow I am being whisked off to London for the night by husband, all I know is that he has booked dinner somewhere fab, but he won't tell me where!!! So god knows what I'm going to wear??

To be continued................................


  1. You didn't mention that you passed that little "9 years until your 30" gem on to me when I was 21. Thanks.
    Was a fab night tho, how much tiramisu have you got left?!?

  2. Ha ha!! well I thought it best we suffer together!! I like to share!! was great night, really enjoyed it. Managed to palm off all the tiramisu!! e xxx

  3. Happy Birthday!! Venice is stunning, how lovely for you. Thank you for all your gorgeous comments by the way. Look forward to part two of your blog xx


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