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Monday, 30 May 2011

Breast Rubbing in Verona

  One of the (many) great things about Italy is that all these fabulous places are so close together. One of the reasons we chose to base ourselves at Lake Garda was not only for the work potential but also for its proximity to many other places.

  So with that in mind and a car at our disposal we headed out of the lake area 2 hours down the road to Verona. The home of Shakespear’s Romeo & Juliette and the famous Roman Arena.

   Having been to a few wonderful places already over the years our expectations of famous Italian cities are maybe a little high but that is because everywhere to date has been incredible.

  Now Verona certainly was very lovely and the Roman Arena ever so impressive, and had it been opera season we would have gone but that does not start for another couple of weeks. Being in there made you realise just how magical a night at the opera in a roman amphitheatre must be (not that by any stretch of the imagination are we opera buffs or anything). But there was just something that Mr and I both felt about the whole place and we just cannot put our finger on it. Maybe it just lacked a little of the magic that Venice and Rome seem to have, I don’t know. Maybe it is just that it’s fame is due to a fictional tale, you can actually visit Juliette’s tomb although she never actually lived. Hmm?  Seems strange that. It was also swarming with tourists (mostly our German friends) and it just felt a little over touristy I think. Not quite Italian enough I suppose, maybe it just did’nt have the required fa la bella figura we have come to expect!!!

  But we went to Juliettes balcony, which was very pretty and watched hopeful love torn teenagers rubbing the right breast of her bronze statue, apparently it is meant bring luck in love, hmmm? I reckon the little buggers just wanted a grope.

  We wandered the ancient cobbled streets and I gazed lovingly at yet more beautiful shop windows!!! And soaked up the atmosphere over espresso. Can’t really complain eh? Beats a day at the office.


  1. I bet Kev was tempted by the boobie!

  2. Sounds great, how lovely to be exploring all these beautiful places!


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