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Monday, 30 May 2011

Lovely Lake Garda

  From the grandeur of Milan to the awe inspiring Lake Garda. After our 3 nights in Milan we picked up our hire car and headed over to our next destination Lake Garda, the Italians drive like maniacs on the motorways, thank god we have decided to train it the rest of the way!!!!!

  So here we are, a hilltop apartment looking out over the stunning vistas of Lake Garda. A great little apartment reached by a heart racingly narrow steep road full of blind bends and crazy drivers!!! But the view is something else, mirror-like stillness of the azure blue lake, a backdrop of densely forested snow capped mountains, Riviera style villa’s and old palaces, imposing churches clinging to the hillsides and all with beautiful blooms, blossoms, lemon trees and pine trees all around. Bellisamo!  A very strange thing though, it is clearly a lake but it smells like the sea and it just makes you feel like you are in the Mediteranean, just one of the classier places!  And it is hot! +30 most days so far, although we have had a couple of cracking thunder storms of an evening, our balcony is the perfect place to watch from! And there was fresh snow on the mountain tops the other day!! (That is just bloody typical eh, no snow in the Alps for six months, 30 degrees everyday here in the lakes and snow!!! I am not even going there.)
  We have decided to make our way to the Italian lakes to see what the job situation might bring, this is where the biggest concentration of English speaking tourists are to be found outside of the cities, and seeing as we (more accurately, I) only speak a handful of Italian words this sounded like a plan of sorts. We have two weeks here to suss out what happens on the work front and to travel all around, Verona, Venice, Bergamo are all but a short drive away. So we’ll see.

  We have spent a few days driving around to the surrounding lake front towns, all as pretty as a picture, all with the most amazing lakeside settings and mostly all full of pensioners!!!! Some more so than others, Lirmone was stunning but everyone was grey haired, limping and had their 40 year old  ‘holiday clothes’ on, and all on a coach trip, but on the other hand there was Salo which is much more chic and had more of a cosmopolitan feel about it, oh and some gorgeous shops and cool lake front café’s to watch and be watched!  We have gone from one extreme to the other, from being nearly the oldest people in Val to the youngest ones here at the lakes!

  Oh and on a really annoying note, we have no internet connection once again, so all these blogs are copy & paste numbers going out scheduled when I can get to a sodding wi-fi spot, (virtually unheard of what with the septuagenarian’s being the main stay of guests!!!)

  Better get back to that view! Ciao!



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