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Monday, 25 April 2011

one more week to go.

The end is nigh.

So the last week of our winter season in Val. I cannot believe we are here already, it has gone so quick. There have been many up’s and many downs but what does’nt kill you makes you stronger eh?

And a busy week ahead it will be, out for an Italian for my birthday Monday, posh cocktails for our wedding anniversary Tuesday, an end of season party Wednesday with Mr’s work, dinner with my boss Thursday and our favourite bar’s closing party Friday. Bloody hell, got to pack up to leave too. Mr has luckily finished work now but I still have to go and work the following Monday, the day before we leave to come home. Bugger!

So what is the plan now? Well we have definitely decided not to come back next winter, and decided that living in a ski resort is not for us, even more so for me! Readers will have no doubt realised that this life really is’nt my bag! There are just too many things that I just do not like. And I have had to give up lots of things that I love for something I realise I don’t really love that much!

The people have been a big factor, I have missed my li’ sis & girls dreadfully at times and have’nt made any friends because the people are an odd bunch here & not really my cup of tea. I got told a saying by my boss (who is lovely and the only normal person I have met) it goes like this “the odd’s are good here but the goods are seriously odd”, for me that sums up perfectly the strange people that live this life of winter to summer, summer to winter working. They are either, young and here to shag around and piss it up or they are lonely and are working round the clock, living in shiity accommodation, working from one season to the next with no breaks and no holidays. The women who are here with men are here because the men have dreams that can never be achieved but still hang on hoping it will work out and the women that are here by themselves are desperately trying to pin a man down without success because the men here alone are here because they will not accept that they have to grow up and live like an adult in the real world. The place is full of dreamers unaware that their lives are slowly passing them by.

The skiing has been the other factor. I realise now that I like it for a week or two a year as a holiday. I am not bothered in the slightest at ‘challenging’ myself or getting up at the crack of dawn, hiking up a mountain for hours only to ski all the way back down again in ‘powder’. I like groomed pistes, I have no interest in exploring ‘the back country’ and quite frankly could’nt give a toss compared to just about everyone here! I am just not an outdoorsy type!!! I may well be the only person glad that the slopes shut this week!!!

Which leads me on to my final say, I do not mind admitting that I am as vain as they come and this is not an environment conducive to such frivolities. I am meant to wear heels, put on make up, blow dry my hair, wear jewellery, and dress up in what I call real clothes. I like to be clean and scrubbed and smell nice. I like my clothes washed and ironed and my shoes polished. I like all my nails to be painted and my feet to buffed and smooth. I like to eat properly & healthy, I like to go to the gym (indoors!) and I need to shop!!!!!!! I mean really, I did’nt even cancel my Vogue, just had it sent here instead. That’s not someone who is crazy for the mountains and ready to give up the life they had become accustomed to. That monthly arrival has been my saviour!!!

So that sums up just about everything that I realise I need in my life and the way I want to live, everything that this life is not. But it has been a great experience and I would’nt change any of it, well perhaps a couple of things, and it has ticked it off the list of things to do even if it now leaves us with the inevitable question, what next??????????????????


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  2. Happy Birthday Em, see you soon

  3. At least u tried it and won't have any regrets x

  4. You know what, you gave it a good go and will have loads of memories! I just found out today Ive been reading your sisters blog, without realising you were related such a small blogging world!


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